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Reforms, inflation and clientele

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Reforms, inflation and clientele

By: Ariel Pena

The reforms that the government will shortly present to Congress essentially seek to establish a fairly prolific electoral clientele, so that the political project of the Historical Pact has a long reach; and it is precisely from there that the president himself is calling for demonstrations on February 14, that is, as they say colloquially, he is putting all his meat on the grill, so as not to have another fiasco, like the one that occurred on November 15 with the pro-government mobilizations of that day.

The reforms to health, labor and pensions, which will supposedly receive the proposals of the citizens to be taken into account; They are simply sophistry, given that all this accumulation of initiatives of the regime belong to the political program for Latin America of Socialism of the 21st Century, just like what Hugo Chávez did at the beginning of the millennium in Venezuela, where in essence some small progress can be made for a short time, but then comes the absolute misery of the masses, which means bread for today and hunger for tomorrow.

Therefore, the reformist illusions will later become a catastrophe in the medium term, especially with the health reform that will leave thousands of unemployed in that sector and that will nationalize the service, turning it into something selective and patronage; very similar to the fascist slogan of Benito Mussolini in Italy in the 20s of the last century, which said: “Everything within the State, nothing outside the State and nothing against the State.

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Therefore, union and social organizations must be alert, given the great difficulties that are going to come with some reforms that belong to the Marxist-Leninist political program, where the fundamental thing is the perpetuity in power of a political sector that, according to The communist fetishes believe they are “anointed”, to eternally subdue the nations that fall into their clutches, without caring at all about the afflictions of the masses in their daily lives.

Given that a fact that significantly affects the pocket of Colombians is the high cost of living that is reflected in inflation, which according to the Dane, in the annual variation was located in the month of January 2023 at 13.25 %, being 1.78% in the first month of the year; which demonstrates that the call made by the government to support its reforms on February 14 falls of its weight and it would be very masochistic for leaders of the labor unions to invite without any offense to support the government on that date; since within the principles of autonomy, independence and pluralism, the workers’ movement cannot bow to any government, especially if it has a starving economic policy against the population.

However, many citizens confused with “the change” continue to consider that the electorate of the Historical Pact is the result solely of nonconformity or frustration with past governments, where people spontaneously voted for Gustavo Petro, flatly forgetting the ideological work. that for more than 60 years the communist forces have done in Colombia, especially in education, trade unionism and in different popular organizations, with the results in sight today.

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With the complacency of liberal democracy that has not put a face to the totalitarian dogma of Marxism, as it should be, suddenly due to an ideological inferiority complex, before the communist dogmas of historical materialism and inevitability; Hence, Petro has garnered a very well indoctrinated, noisy and hirsute clientele, who does not admit the fruitful debate of ideas, when there are minimally those who expose it.

The Italian communist Antonio Gramci (1891-1937) said: “The conquest of cultural power is prior to that of political power, and this is achieved through the concerted action of the so-called “organic” infiltrators in all media, expression and university students”, something that has been done judiciously in the country for decades by totalitarian organizations, which use the elections of what they call “bourgeois democracy”, to establish an everlasting dictatorship from which it is unlikely to be freed the population.

So, Petro’s government is not the government of the people, nor is it the one that defends the interests of the least favored people, since what it seeks is to strengthen its clientele with the reforms, to create a new oligarchy in Colombia that parasitizes with the management of the State, with enormous privileges; For this reason, the difficult situation that the country is experiencing will worsen with new bureaucratic entities, created by the government reforms, which will lead in the immediate future to more taxes, indebtedness and a deterioration in the quality of life of the vast majority of the population.

The Democratic Unionism that has been able to perceive in these months the political and social situation under the administration of Gustavo Petro, has to promote popular mobilization in the medium term, given that dark days await the workers and the people in general, with harmful and harmful reforms, in addition to the high cost of living that will increase hunger and misery; so that the self-righteous reforms would harm the citizenry significantly, so it is necessary to develop and strengthen the social protest in the face of the great failures that are coming and that will undermine all the people.

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