Home News Refugees, nine Pakistanis from Humanity One arrived in Treviso

Refugees, nine Pakistanis from Humanity One arrived in Treviso

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Refugees, nine Pakistanis from Humanity One arrived in Treviso

Nine Pakistani refugees landed in Catania on the Serena barracks at dawn Humanity One. They are all men and physically healthy. Little than 300 migrants are now housed in the hub between Treviso and Casier. At the moment there are no other arrivals at the Serena, given that the 50 refugees destined for Veneto have already all been divided up in the reception centers of the various provinces.

Numbers therefore small for the Brand, at least for the moment. The mayor of Treviso, and president of Anci Veneto, Mario Conte he said that unloading the management of the problem on the mayors “means putting our communities in difficulty. Today, municipalities already have to face the effects of expensive energy which weighs heavily on budgets with the risk of having to cut essential services. We cannot also take charge of this emergency and I share the words of the prefect Zappalorto who underlined how the present structures are full “.

The Serena barracks where about 300 refugees are housed

«Already in the past», continues the president of Anci Veneto, «we have seen that certain situations can lead to social tensions leaving their mark on the community. And this must not happen because Veneto has always been a model forintegration: over the years we have managed to welcome thousands of people and integrate them into our community, giving them a job and a perspective on life ».

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