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Regeni case, stop at the trial due to the absence of the defendants

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The documents of the trial of the 007 Egyptians accused of having kidnapped and killed Giulio Regeni must return to the Gup. This is what was decided by the III Court of Assizes of Rome. The decision is linked to the absence of the defendants in the courtroom, a problem addressed in the first hearing.

The judges, after a council chamber that lasted over five hours, canceled the act by which the judge ordered the indictment of the accused last May. We then start again from the preliminary hearing. The judge will have to use all the tools, including a new letter of letters with Egypt, to make the accused’s knowledge of the proceedings against them effective and not just presumed.

The four defendants in the trial

On trial – but absent from the courtroom – are General Sabir Tariq, Colonels Usham Helmi, Athar Kamel Mohamed Ibrahim, and Magdi Ibrahim Abdelal Sharif for the crime of multiple kidnapping, and against the latter the prosecutors also contest the competition in aggravated personal injury and the complicity in aggravated homicide. “This is not the trial against the four defendants but it is a trial against Egypt,” said attorney Tranquillino Sarno, Colonel Athar Kamel’s lawyer. Adding that “unfortunately this process cannot be done without Egypt”.

Family lawyer: Egyptian arrogance awarded

“We believe it is important that the Italian government has decided to become a civil party. We note with bitterness the decision of the Court that rewards Egyptian arrogance. It’s a setback, but we’re not giving up. We demand from our justice that those who tortured and killed Giulio do not go unpunished ”, commented Alessandra Ballerini, lawyer of the Regeni family at the end of the hearing in the Rebibbia bunker room. Together with the lawyer were present Giulio’s parents, Paola Deffendi and Claudio Regeni and his sister Irene. “I ask all of you to make known the names of the four defendants and reiterate it, so that they cannot say that they did not know,” added Ballerini.

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