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Reggio Emilia – Martina Recchiuti

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Reggio Emilia – Martina Recchiuti

24 maggio 2022 17:26

This article was published on page 5 of number 33 of Internazionale Kids, the monthly magazine of Internazionale for girls and boys aged 7 to 13. You can find it on newsstands, or you can subscribe.

On 27, 28 and 29 May the Internazionale Kids festival returns to Reggio Emilia. This year we have invited journalists, scientists, cartoonists and data experts who will take the stage to reason together on dozens of different topics: why is it important to understand where the food we eat comes from? Is it true that there is a country in the world where very few foreigners can enter? How could it be a city where no one feels left out? Is it possible to describe a day using numbers instead of words? And how do you write a pun?

We will learn to transform an animal’s skeleton into a fantastic creature, to read a silent book, to write in Arabic, to understand why Saudi Arabia is building a city in the desert. Among the strangest events worth mentioning are: a picnic to find out what kind of ravioli you are; an open-air bicycle workshop, where you can learn how to adjust bicycle brakes and dream of a city without cars; a vertical walk with 236 steps; and a continuous cycle laboratory to create poetic postcards to be sent around the world.

The festival will close with a party in the company of Cosmo, to dance at breakneck speed inside a cloister. A party in a cloister does not happen every day, we are waiting for you: Internazionale.it/kidsfestival

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Read the complete program.

Cover by Winy Laurencia.

Also in this issue:

All skin colors
How many different shades can skin color have? Lots of them. The differences depend on our genetic makeup, on the place where we live and on how much we are exposed to the sun’s rays.

The island of cats
Welcome to Tashirojima, a small island in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan.

The foil dance
In fencing, you have to react quickly and stay focused.

Caring for the lake
When the wind changes, Venezuelan villagers come out to clean the shores of Lake Maracaibo of garbage. They know it’s endless work, but they don’t want to give up.

And so on!

Internazionale Kids is a monthly for girls and boys. Publish the best of newspapers from around the world for readers aged 7 to 13.

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