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Regional French exam: Oriental Academy # Souss-Massa Academy

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Regional French exam: Oriental Academy # Souss-Massa Academy

Zayed Tayeb

Which of the AREF of Souss-Massa or that of the Oriental pecked in the barnyard of the other? Chance has its limits.

The AREF Oriental French regional exam seems to me, to consider it in itself and apart from any consideration aimed at glorifying it and even less at diminishing it, respects in its entirety the roadmap of the recommendations Educational. As I had, at first glance, no comment to make, I refrained from talking about it, until I received it from a friend, by chance! The regional examination of the Souss-Massa Academy. By comparing the two examinations, I was able to note a few small remarks which do not seem to me to be born of chance because of the many points of similarity between one and the other, similarities which are close to overlapping.

1-The two academies opted for chapter 34 of ”The last day of a condemned man”. It is true that this chapter, of medium length and without having to be truncated, offers many possibilities of grammatical, semantic and stylistic exploitation. The two academies propose to provide the candidates with the explanation of some difficult words which seem to them to constitute obstacles to the comprehension of the text. Only, curious thing, the two academies are in connivance on the same words ”repentance” and ”remorse” although there are others like ”stuff”, ”execrable”.

2-To the second question of the Oriental Academy corresponds, curiously, the fourth of that of Souss-Massa:

A-Oriental Academy:

2-according to your reading of the work, the convict committed:

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a- a flight?

b- a violin?

a blood crime?

Copy the correct answer.

B-Academy of Souss-Massa:

4-The narrator was sentenced for having committed:

a- A theft; b- A rape; c) A murder.

Choose the correct answer by justifying it using a clue from the text.

3- Question 8 of the Oriental Academy corresponds, once again, to question 8 of that of Souss-Massa.

A-Oriental Academy:

8- ”My beautiful youth! Golden cloth with a bloody end.”

a- The figure of speech underlined in this statement is:

-a comparison ? /- a personification? /- a metaphor ?

– Copy the correct answer.

B-Academy of Souss-Massa:

8- What figure of speech do you recognize in the following sentence?

”Golden cloth whose end is bloody”

How can such a coincidence exist between:

– two regional examinations?

-two different academies?

– Same regular session (May)?

– Same school year (2023)?

As a former French teacher, I would like to have an answer to these question marks because the similarities relate to 1/3 of the comprehension questions, which constitutes a heavy proportion. We are used to encountering similar cases but years apart.

Apart from this, the regional French exam of the AREF de l’Oriental seems to me to respect to a large extent the roadmap of the Pedagogical Recommendations unlike that of Souss-Massa, which offers a CHOICE of two subjects of writing.

Congratulations to the pedagogical team who ensured the grain of the application of the roadmap, the choice and the formulation of the comprehension questions and the writing subject which can be treated in a simple or complex way.

Zayed Tayeb

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