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Regional mission in Luxembourg between technology and culture — Businesses

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Regional mission in Luxembourg between technology and culture — Businesses

The new frontiers of industry and aerospace researcha sector with high development potential and high added value that involves in Emilia-Romagna a supply chain of 180 companies in established and emerging sectors of regional manufacturing. And again: the ccollaboration in the fields of artificial intelligence and big data; the promotion of the Emilia-Romagna production system, support for exports.

The mission of the Emilia-Romagna Region in Luxembourg continues. After Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, the President Bonaccini met the Minister of Economy, Franz Fayotand that of Tourism, Lex Delles.

The opportunity to reaffirm the commitment to “common work in light of the strong investments that both territories are making in research and innovation – underlined Bonaccini – the engine of quality and fully sustainable development. A mutual commitment to enhance their respective projects and good practices, creating the conditions for new forms of partnership particularly in the sectors of innovation, green economy, tourist attractiveness, alongside our companies, research centers and universities. The possibility of building also passes through this cooperation a stronger and more cohesive Europe”.

A collaboration between the two territories which was also at the center of the meeting with the deputy prime minister and minister of health, Paulette Lenert.

La visita al Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology

An agenda full of appointments for a mission which saw the visit of the Councilor for Economic Development Vincenzo Colla al List, il Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology.

After the letter of intent signed last few days with Axiom Spacean American company engaged in the construction of the first private orbiting station, and after the 5 million tender for supporting the sector’s supply chains, the Region therefore relaunches its commitment to starting collaborations in the field of space economy with a country, like Luxembourg, which is among the leading territories in Europe in the exploration of the solar system withEuropean space resources innovation centrethe world‘s first innovation center entirely dedicated to space resources.

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“From the acquisition of satellite data for agriculture and the environment, to the study of new materials, up to research in the food, health and pharmaceutical fields, the consequences of research in the aerospace field are many and of great interest for an advanced production system such as that of Emilia-Romagna. We are faced with a strategic sector – explained Councilor Colla – a driving force for growth and development in which to invest. Thanks to the agreement signed in 2021 between the Region and the Air Force and the recent agreement with Axiom Space, a group of Emilia-Romagna companies will be able to participate in the Ax-3 mission aboard the international space station. Today this commitment continues. The dialogue we have started with Luxembourg aims precisely to strengthen the possibility of joint initiatives, together withUniversity of Bologna, Ciri Aerospace and theNational Institute of Astrophysicsas well as the companies of the Emilia-Romagna aerospace supply chain.”

The Romagna mia concert. Meetings with banks and businesses

Initiatives to promote exchange between the two territories and the promotion of their respective territories were also at the center of the two initiatives at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Grand Duchy.

Together with tourism, a sector with growing numbers (+16.6% arrivals in Emilia-Romagna between January and July 2023), which saw the concert Romagna miawith the orchestra conducted by Mirko Casadei: a way to talk about the many excellences – environmental, artistic, food and wine – of a territory, and at the same time to launch a post-flood fundraising in favor of the Manfrediana Library of Faenza and the Faenza ceramic sector. An initiative promoted by Italian Embassy in Luxembourg – the ambassador was present Diego Brasilitogether with the delegation during the two-day institutional mission – in collaboration with the Cavour Foundationthe organization created to promote relations between Italy and Luxembourg, particularly in the cultural field, which also saw the participation of the mayor of Faenza, Massimo Isola. And which ended with a meeting at the Italian Embassy in Luxembourg also open to tour operators and journalists.

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