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Remote electrocardiogram, 2,500 were reported in six months

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Remote electrocardiogram, 2,500 were reported in six months

Examinations televised by ambulances are also on the rise: they were 35 in June and 20 in January. Save several people from heart attacks

BELLUNO. Electrocardiogram: rapid and full time reporting in every location thanks to technology.

Thanks to the reporting system that allows the transmission of electrocardiograms over the network, over 2,500 exams are reported remotely in the first six months of 2022, regardless of the location of the exam, for a faster diagnosis 24 hours a day, 7 days top 7. The remote reporting system in Ulss Dolomiti is managed by an application that acquires the electrocardiograms performed in all the departments and outpatient clinics of the hospitals of Belluno, Agordo, Pieve di Cadore, as well as the tests performed in the related Emergency Department, in the Auronzo First Intervention Point, in the community hospitals and in the Longarone UTAP.

In this way, the electrocardiograms are transmitted over the network, allowing them to be read remotely in different locations and thus ensuring a quick and full time reading of the cardiac traces performed throughout the territory. The elttrocardiograms acquired on the net, in fact, can be viewed and reported by the specialists, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on site or, when not present, by other specialists on shift in the other offices. In addition, the electronic signature report allows printing at the place of execution of the examination reported remotely.

The urgent report in the ambulance or at the patient’s home can be transmitted via the GSM network to the Coronary Unit. This allows, in the case of an electrocardiogram indicative of acute myocardial infarction, to quickly send the patient to Belluno directly to the Hemodynamics room, with the most suitable means identified by the Suem 118 Central, for the execution of urgent coronary angiography and coronary angioplasty. In the meantime, the professionals prepare the hemodynamics room for the surgery. This guarantees a significant reduction in intervention times, especially for people residing in more distant areas (Cadore, Ampezzano, Comelico, Agordino).

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The monthly number of ECGs transmitted by ambulances is constantly increasing: from 20 per month sent in January 2022, to about 35 recorded in May and June 2022. “The numbers and daily practice confirm the goodness of this fundamental telemedicine application in a territory like ours “, comments the general manager Maria Grazia Carraro,” making data travel and not people is a direction that we continue to follow, bringing other innovations to guarantee services close to the citizen, in a sustainable way, acting on time, which it can be vital, and guaranteeing the quality of the service ».

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