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removed the america

In the midst of the hubbub that the country has experienced in the last 96 hours, the elimination of América from the national soccer championship went unnoticed and, obviously, none of the political commentators, much less its actors, have thought that this news has great electoral importance in Cali.

Well, it turns out that he does. Don Tulio Gómez is a seasoned merchant, head, among other businesses, of the glittering supermarket La Montaña, which finally took over the medium and small stores of La 14, from Manizales to Popayán. But it is not because of his business skills that he is recognized in Cali.

It is because Don Tulio has raised the red flag of the America team as its president and main shareholder. Probably because of the idealization that the people of Cali make of their “little mechita” and because of the triumphant airs that Don Tulio has given to the team, many began to make his name sound as a candidate for mayor of Cali.

Arguments in favor abounded. So much so that his ignorance of the public and of political activity began to become overshadowed. But two episodes in a row have surely put him to take refuge in the caverns of indecision.

The first, since he has signed a lease contract for a commercial premises in the Pascual Guerrero stadium with the municipality of Cali through its Sports Secretariat until December 31 of this year, many consider him disqualified from being a candidate.

And the second, which is perhaps more important, is the elimination of America from the soccer championship, which detracts from his work as president and, above all, takes away the popular use of hanging on the title as a launching pad in their aspirations to be mayor.

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So many are left with the curly hair done and the final battle looms between the repeaters Eder and El Chontico, if they are not passed by the former minister Wilson Ruiz and the former Health Secretary of the mayor Ospina on the street in the middle, who would be the candidate of the Pact.


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