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Renovating the garden: how to do it? — idealista/news

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Renovating the garden: how to do it?  — idealista/news

Enhancing the external spaces of the house, such as terraces or gardens, gives you the opportunity to create a place where you can relax during the summer. Arranging your garden, therefore, will not only allow you to increase the value of the house, but also to improve your psychophysical well-being. Planning carefully will allow you to optimize times and costs, avoiding unnecessary waste of resources. Furthermore, take advantage of it to give greater weight to the sustainability and eco-compatibility of your green space. Here’s what to know, then, if you want renovate the garden.

How to arrange your home garden: some practical advice

To start, carefully evaluate the arrangement of existing elements: plants, flowers, trees, but also furnishings and paths. Careful planning will allow you to optimize space and create a harmonious and pleasant environment to live in.

A crucial aspect not to be overlooked is the choice of plants: favor native ones, which adapt better to the climate and soil, reducing the waste of water and products for their care. Furthermore, consider modifying the lighting: a good lighting system can enhance the most evocative corners of the garden and make it usable even after sunset. Finally, don’t forget the importance of accessories and decorations, which can make a difference in the final outcome of your renovation project.

As for the maintenance, establish a calendar for recurring tasks such as pruning, watering and fertilizing. This will help you keep your garden in perfect condition all year round. If your goal is to create a sustainable garden, consider installing one rainwater collection system and a drip irrigation system, which ensure rational use of water resources.

Creating a new garden from scratch: how to do it?

Creating a new garden from scratch is not such a difficult undertaking, but – to reap the benefits in spring – you will have to start work in the winter.

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The first step is to space design, taking into account the size of the area and sun exposure. It is important to define the areas intended for lawn, flower beds, paths and, if desired, spaces for relaxation or entertainment. Next, the choice of soil and plants is crucial to ensure the healthy growth of the garden. Don’t forget to integrate an effective drainage system to avoid water stagnation which is harmful to the plants. Finally, it is essential to study a irrigation adequate, which can vary from manual solutions to automated systems, based on the size of the garden and the resources available. The installation of external lights, possibly LEDwill complete the job, creating a welcoming atmosphere and allowing you to enjoy the garden even in the evening.

The secrets to enhancing small gardens

Especially in the city it is common to see very small gardens which are difficult to valorise. However, there are some tricks to improve their appearance. One of the secrets, for example, is to use species that flower throughout the year.

The use of evergreen shrubs ensures a manicured appearance all year round, while perennials can offer pops of vibrant color. Adding decorative elements such as small fountains or statues it can also enrich the aesthetics of your garden, giving it a unique character.

Furthermore, installing paving or natural stones to create paths helps define spaces and make them more usable. Finally, consider the integration of vertical solutions such as green walls or pergolas for climbing plants: these options not only allow you to make the most of the vertical space, but also add new areas of shade.

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