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Renzi-Conte: confrontation between the two leaders

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“I don’t go to shows. Let’s talk about serious things”. This was said, on the sidelines of the Confesercenti assembly, by the M5s president, Giuseppe Conte, about the televised face-to-face to which the leader of Italia Viva, Matteo Renzi, challenged him. Conte withdraws. The hypothesis therefore seems to be setting in the bud.

«Conte is one who runs away. He is the fastest man to escape in history, when they distributed the courage he was in quarantine, he has the courage of the were-rabbit “, the leader of IV, Matteo Renzi, on La 7. Renzi immediately replied that he will not ask for immunity: acquisition of the material, in my opinion an illegal and unconstitutional thing, but when I get to the discussion I will say that for me they can take them, as long as they follow the rules. I will vote in favor of taking the material, but I will go to all the venues to see if they have violated the laws. For me it is a scandal ». “If someone hasn’t done things right, they have to pay.”

Renzi’s ruthless attack on Conte live on TV: “Without courage, run away”

Renzi then also spoke of politics and the election of the Colle. Speaking of that pact that binds the maneuver and Quirinale put in place in recent days, he said: «I don’t find it right. The Head of State is not elected by counting. A broad reasoning is made. I do not find it right to link the Quirinale to the pact on the maneuver. It seems to me – he adds – a political error ». «Draghi – then observed the leader Iv – would be an excellent President of the Republic, an excellent President of the European Council, of the European Commission. Except that the Fiorentina striker would let him do everything … ». «The maneuver concerns the government and Draghi has already done it. Another is the path to the Quirinale. I have the impression that the leaders of the most important parties want to go and vote in 2022, because it would be better for them. Their design is to create a nice patatrac, while Italy needs little controversy. Those who speak first are the ones who count for nothing and who have to show that they know something », Renzi says about the leaks ahead on the candidates for the Colle.

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