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Representative member said Sima Hong: Improve the social security system to protect the labor rights and interests of people with flexible employment – Industry Observation

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The representative member said that Sima Hong: Improve the social security system to protect the labor rights and interests of flexible employees

Market Information Network 2022-03-09 10:58:16 Source: People’s Daily Online Comments:

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, March 8 (Wang Shaoshao) In recent years, with the development of new technologies, new formats, and new models, the number of people with flexible employment has continued to increase, and at the same time, the protection of their labor rights and interests has also received widespread attention.

“Social insurance is an economic security mechanism that has been proven by the experience of various countries to share risks through mutual assistance, and the payment of social insurance by the insured is the main source of funding.” Sima Hong, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and executive vice chairman of the Beijing Association for Science and Technology, told People’s Daily Online In an interview with Caijing, it is the key to protect the rights and interests of flexible employees, improve the quality of flexible employment, and encourage the development of new businesses and new economies.

Sima Hong believes that in the digital economy era, flexible employment such as “online appointment delivery workers” are still mainly migrant workers, and their awareness of social security is generally not high. Although it is not completely without demand for social security, it is limited by the urban and rural household registration system, it is difficult to integrate into the large and medium cities where the work is located, and it is difficult to enjoy the public services such as affordable housing and compulsory education in the city where it is located. In the long run, it is still necessary to return In rural areas, urban and rural residents with household registration areas feel that social security is “sufficient”, and it is “more cost-effective” to earn more cash. There is a phenomenon that they are more concerned about short-term cash income and are unwilling to pay social security.

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“At the same time, the social security transfer and continuation system is not yet perfect, which reduces the willingness of flexible employees to take the initiative to participate in the insurance and continue to participate in the insurance.” Sima Hong said that in recent years, the state has stepped up efforts to loosen the household registration restrictions for flexible employees to participate in social security. However, there is still a phenomenon that the social security funds cannot be fully transferred, which affects the interests of flexible employees who are elderly in different places; the social security transfer and continuation process between regions is relatively complicated.

“Stimulating the enthusiasm of flexible employees to pay social security, ensuring that their system is fair, paying more, realizing flexible choices, and being easy to carry, transfer and continue is an important direction for improving social security laws and policies for flexible employees in the future.” To this end, Sima Hong this year The proposals for the two sessions include the following suggestions:

The first is to untie the social security of urban and rural residents from their household registration, implement a national social security payment standard for urban and rural residents with equal treatment, and gradually improve the level of treatment and security for urban and rural residents in a balanced manner, so that people with flexible employment can easily enjoy social security for urban and rural residents no matter where they are registered or where they work. Treatment; after achieving stable employment in the place of permanent residence, voluntarily join the social security of flexible employment personnel to further improve the level of social security benefits.

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The second is to take the lead in unbundling work-related injury insurance from labor relations, so that all flexible employees can enjoy work-related injury insurance or occupational injury protection during the labor process. Change the rigid thinking of “all” or “nothing” in labor relations and social security benefits, create a pay-by-pay work injury insurance or occupational injury protection model for flexible employees, and establish a set of fair and reasonable corporate burdens for flexible employees. A social insurance system that provides individual insurance options.

The third is to untie the amount of the social pooling part of social security from the place of payment, and further improve the system and rules related to the transfer and continuation of social security in different places. The social security fees paid by enterprises or individuals are included in the coverage of the transfer and continuity of social security rights and interests of the insured. Following the principle of “money goes with others”, it is a reasonable method to transfer and continue to other places according to the amount of the personal account and the correspondingly calculated social pooling amount. .

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