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Republic journalist attacked at the no-pass demonstration of the school in Rome

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Attacked and threatened with death (“I’ll cut your throat if you don’t go”, complete with a gesture) by one of the protesters against the Green Pass of the school sector, who demonstrated in front of the Ministry of Education. Francesco Giovannetti, video journalist of Repubblica and the Gedi group, he was attacked by a violent man. “A few minutes before the formal start of the sit-in, a man hit me in the face with 4-5 punches to the face – he says – after threatening me.

No Vax, the aggressor of the Repubblica journalist in Rome has been identified: he is a school worker

by Romina Marceca

Everything happened quickly: he did not let me go. Then, fortunately, there were police officers present who intervened, stopping the person and taking me to a safe place. “The video reporter was finally taken by the ambulance to the Fatebenefratelli hospital, on the Tiber Island, for the necessary investigations. : the prognosis is 15 days.The attacker was instead taken to the police station, where he was identified and reported for aggravated threats.

No Green pass school demonstration, punches in the face of our journalist: the moment of the attack

“I had been there for five minutes – continues Giovannetti’s story – I asked a small group of people if they wanted to talk, to answer questions. They asked me who I was writing for and started to criticize Repubblica, but in a civil manner. Only. then this man, I don’t know who he was or what role he had, turned around, mimicked the gesture of cutting my throat, said ‘I’ll cut your throat if you don’t go’ and when I asked him if he was threatening he attacked me and hit. I counted at least 4/5 punches to the face “. The video reporter almost fainted.

The group of demonstrators present dissociated themselves from the attack and apologized to Giovannetti, who is now carrying out checks in the hospital, as mentioned. The demonstration in front of the Miur was announced in recent days by the National Coordination of Teachers and Ata Against the Green pass.

“Covid-19 – reads the note released by the protesters – confirmed that it is absolutely necessary to start a school building program, reduce the number of students per classroom, hire more staff from a single, serious recruitment channel, against precarious work eternal, despite the protests and requests repeatedly advanced, no provision to this effect has been enacted in two years of emergency “.

And again: “The Draghi government has instituted the Green pass to unload the responsibilities of non-intervention for the safety of schools on teachers, ATAs and unvaccinated students, fueling social hatred. The school is not entitled to evaluate the effectiveness of vaccines, but has the duty to denounce the dangerous authoritarian twist of a state that evades its duties and criminalizes citizens “. According to the demonstrators, in fact, “The Green pass is an illegal and illegitimate tool of blackmail, control and social exclusion. It is discriminatory and inadmissible, both for the unvaccinated and for the vaccinated”.

Full solidarity was expressed by the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi. “Another violent and unacceptable aggression – comments the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza – My full solidarity goes to the journalists involved. We must say enough of these serious episodes “.

Also Roberto Gualtieri, candidate of the Campidoglio, expressed “solidarity with the journalist of Repubblica and the colleague of Rai News24 for the attacks suffered by the No Vax”. Carlo Calenda, also in the running as mayor with his civic list, added on Twitter: “Unacceptable no-vax aggression to the Repubblica journalist. Solidarity with Francesco Giovannetti, a serious and calm professional, and the other reporters attacked. I hope that the energetic will come identified, prosecuted and that he is not a teacher “.

“Solidarity with the journalists attacked in the no-green pass demonstrations and Daspo with fascists and offenders”, asks theAnpi, who adds: “The coarse and dense infiltrations of fascist elements and ultras of various kinds in the no-vax and no-green pass processions have been underestimated, and their innate attitude to violence. Rome to condemn the aggression, but it is known that the social hatred that they themselves fear, attributing the responsibility to the Government, is fomented both by the neo-fascists and by unlikely gurus graduated on Facebook. This dangerous result must be stopped with urgent measures, such as a special Daspo or other similar measure “.

The National Coordination of Teachers and ATA against the green-pass, which called today’s march, also expressed “deep regret for the aggression”. In clearly distancing itself from violent individual and impromptu action, the Coordination nevertheless hopes that the press, in this delicate situation, avoids caricatural or prejudicial representations of the squares that contest government measures issued in clear disregard of the Constitution and European norms.

“They have exceeded all democratic limits, a few handfuls of violent people cannot prevail”, commented the national secretary of the Italian Left, Nicola Fratoianni. “I really hope that now the institutions and state apparatuses will do everything necessary so that episodes of this kind do not happen again in the next few days. And I also hope – concludes Fratoianni – that the Salvini, Meloni and various comrades will stop irresponsibly blowing on the fire “.


The Cdr of Gedi Visual in a note “expresses solidarity with his fellow videomaker Francesco Giovannetti, a collaborator of the Gedi group for many years, for the brutal attack he suffered this morning. Francesco was first threatened with death (” I’ll cut your throat if you don’t go “) and then hit in the face by one of the participants in the demonstration against the green pass of the school sector, which took place in front of the Ministry of Education.” He hit me in the face with 4-5 punches after threatening me. He would not let me go, but luckily some police officers were present who intervened. “This is how Francesco tells the moment of the attack, who was then taken by ambulance to the hospital on the Tiberina island to be treated”.


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