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Rescued girls confirmed that Wilson was with them

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Rescued girls confirmed that Wilson was with them

The rescue of the four children is a reason for joy and hope for the entire country. However, the uncertainty about the whereabouts of Wilson, the faithful rescue dog, has generated concern among Colombians. Faced with this situation, the Military Forces announced that the search for the brave dog continues.

The children, who are cared for in Bogotá, confirmed that they were accompanied by Wilson for several days in the jungle. As a token of appreciation, Lesly, the 13-year-old girl, made a drawing of the dog and gave it to General Helder Giraldo.

For his part, the general received the drawing and reaffirmed his commitment to continue the search for Wilson: «Our premise as commandos is never to abandon a fallen comrade in the field of combat. Operation Hope is advancing in the search for our canine Wilson, who strayed away from the troops while he was tracking and got lost in his quest to find the children.” stated.

Photo: Internet socket

In addition to Lesly’s drawing, Soleiny, the 9-year-old girl, also expressed her gratitude through a drawing in which she embodied the Colombian flag, a flower, and the phrase “always blessed.” Although the paper is deteriorated and the numbers that accompany its artistic creation cannot be clearly distinguished, the message of love and hope is evident.

Photo: Internet socket
Photo: Internet socket

On social networks, Colombians have come together to ask that Wilson not be abandoned in the jungle and join the call of the Military Forces to find him. Meanwhile, the children continue their recovery process in the country’s capital, leaving behind the traumatic plane crash and the difficult journey through the jungle.

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