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Residents of Valledupar reject permission for events in the Concha Moreno lot

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Residents of Valledupar reject permission for events in the Concha Moreno lot

Inhabitants of the fifth commune of Valledupar disagreed with the permission granted to the owners of the Concha Moreno lot to hold public events during the next Vallenato Festival.

Residents of the sector denounce that the lot, located on Carrera 23, has become a source of pollution due to the constant burning of garbage and the accumulation of waste in the open air. This situation, they claim, affects the health of the community and has been the subject of multiple complaints to the competent authorities, without any action being taken in this regard.

César Ahumada, community leader of the area, expressed his rejection of the permit granted to hold events on the Concha Moreno lot. “We ask the Secretary of Government, Jorge Luis Pérez Peralta, not to grant permits to hold public events in this place.“said Ahumada.

The community leader added that the environmental problem in the lot has been reported to the Valledupar Person’s Office and the Comptroller’s Office, but no action has been observed to solve the problem.

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The Secretary of Government does not respond to our complaints, but he does grant permits for events that generate income during the Vallenato Festival,” said Ahumada. “We demand information about this lot, including tax payment receipts, name of the owner and date of the last cleaning carried out by Aseo del Norte”he added.

The inhabitants of commune five call on the competent authorities to guarantee their right to a healthy environment and take measures to solve the environmental problems in the Concha Moreno lot. They also demand that it be investigated whether the owner of the lot complies with environmental and tax regulations.

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