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Resolutely win the battle against the epidemic prevention and control of colleges and universities in the capital and respond accurately to the concerns of teachers and students

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Source title: Resolutely win the battle against the epidemic prevention and control of colleges and universities in the capital, respond accurately to the concerns of teachers and students, Beijing promotes “handling of complaints” into campuses

China University of Petroleum (Beijing) immediately set up an item delivery team to help students deliver items.Photo courtesy of the school

Zhonglan Campus of Beijing University of Technology, an online real-time question-and-answer platform, responds to students as soon as possible.Photo courtesy of the school

113 computers, 105 chargers, 26 school bags… 570 items from more than 100 students, which were sorted and sent to the students by Dong Yanjun, Secretary of the Party Committee, and Dean Liu Weifeng of the School of Information Science and Engineering, China University of Petroleum (Beijing) thing. In the early morning of November 9, the school entered a temporary control state, but many students’ school materials were in the study area of ​​the North Campus and people were in the dormitory area. What should I do? The school immediately set up an item transfer and transfer team after receiving feedback from students through the platform to help students solve the problem of separation of people and learning items.

This is just a microcosm of how many colleges and universities in Beijing have made full use of the “on-the-spot” mechanism to meet the needs of teachers and students since the current round of the epidemic in Beijing. On November 11, the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council announced 20 measures to further optimize the prevention and control of the epidemic. , establish a mechanism of “handling upon receipt of complaints”, improve the rapid response to problems and the feedback mechanism for solving them, and promptly promote the resolution of urgent and anxious problems of teachers and students.

The Education Working Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Education Commission resolutely implement the deployment requirements of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, and take the decision to enter the campus as soon as the complaint is received as a key measure to accurately respond to the concerns of teachers and students, improve the quality of campus services, resolve conflicts in a timely manner, and improve the effectiveness of school governance.

Students put forward their needs, and colleges and universities “handle the lawsuit immediately”

Click on the school’s corporate WeChat account in the WeChat address book, find “e-vutong”, submit appeals, write content, @relevant departments and then submit… Students can “flash send” the problems in their minds through the platform with a few simple operations To the person in charge of the relevant department of the school. China University of Petroleum (Beijing) has launched an online complaint platform “e-sutong” since April this year. In this round of epidemic, it has once again become a “connecting bridge” between the school and teachers and students to fight against the epidemic.

At 3 a.m. on November 9, China University of Petroleum (Beijing) was notified by the Changping District Center for Disease Control and Prevention that one tube of “10 mixed 1” nucleic acid test in Changping District was weakly positive, involving personnel from the school. After antigen screening and nucleic acid re-examination, it was determined that one faculty member had a positive test result. As of November 11, the school received another report that the nucleic acid testing point on the school had mixed positive results, involving students living in the on-campus apartment.

The school has entered a state of temporary control, but many students are in the dormitory area and their school supplies are in the study area of ​​the North Campus. What should we do? The school immediately made a decision after receiving the feedback from the students through the platform for handling complaints, and set up an item transfer and transfer team to help students solve the problem of separating people from learning items. The college secretary, dean, and teacher and student volunteers immediately took action to form The transportation team, some help to pack student materials on campus, and some respond outside the school, and deliver the materials needed by students to students in time.

In response to the daily life problems, learning problems, and epidemic prevention related issues reported by students, the school’s logistics management office, student affairs office, academic affairs office, school hospital, information management office, and library and other departments responded quickly and actively coordinated: timely Delivering supplies, delivering fruit and yoghurt to students who ordered meals, and distributing traffic subsidies to students in isolation points… Through the platform of handling complaints, the school continues to solve the demands of teachers and students, and gathers the power to care for students.

Regarding the appeals of teachers and students, Beijing insists on doing one and one, clearing and closing every day, forming a closed loop of work. The main leaders of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee attach great importance to it, and personally deploy and handle the campus work immediately after receiving the complaint; the Beijing Municipal Education Commission has established a coordination and resolution mechanism for key and difficult issues, insisting on daily scheduling, weekly inventory, and monthly evaluation; promoting the establishment of district-level overall planning and school-local coordination. working mechanism to form a working force. The party committees of various colleges and universities insist on taking the case as a “top leader” project, forming a work system that is implemented at all levels.

Build an all-weather complaint channel

The integration at the Beijing level has formed a appeal reflection channel of “multiple numbers in one, and one number for handling”; colleges and universities have improved their on-campus service hotlines, public service accounts, etc., so that small things don’t go out of the department, and big things don’t go out of the campus… In addition to the online platform for filing appeals, colleges and universities in Beijing are also constantly building all-weather channels for responding to appeals, providing graded and classified services for teachers and students.

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Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics deepens the application of the iHome appeal online platform, listens to the voices of students at the first time, and quickly connects and handles them. Tsinghua University and Beijing Technology and Business University have opened “first response” student service hotlines to promptly resolve students’ appeals related to the epidemic.

The Zhonglan Campus of Beijing University of Technology comprehensively, proactively and accurately understands the demands and difficulties of students, builds a systematic appeal collection and feedback channel, opens a real-time Q&A platform on WeChat, and responds as soon as possible; continues to improve and promote the reception system of building leaders offline, Building directors and counselors took the initiative to understand in depth. At the same time, it has also continuously strengthened the coordination of departments to form joint forces and joint solutions, so as to achieve timely and serious responses and ensure daily settlement.

Regarding the appeals of teachers and students, Beijing requires that we dig deep into the motivations behind the appeals, and promote the transformation from handling the appeals to handling the appeals first. Since the beginning of this year, the two commissions of Beijing Municipal Education Commission have focused on online teaching, going out for medical treatment, and logistics services reported by college students through big data analysis and judgment, and introduced corresponding institutional measures in a timely manner to strengthen active governance and source governance.

The reporter learned from China University of Petroleum (Beijing) that the school’s “e-suit communication” platform adheres to the working mechanism of “receive and deal immediately”, focuses on the word “that”, strictly implements the time limit for processing or replying within 20 hours, and improves the response to appeals Efficiency, strive to achieve high-quality, high-efficiency response to the demands of teachers and students; focus on “receiving” words, smooth channels for teachers and students to reflect, listen patiently to teachers and students, establish regular reporting and supervision and inspection work systems, and continuously improve teachers and students’ response satisfaction Focus on the word “handling”, actively conduct analysis, research and judgment, carry out special treatment of high-frequency problems, strive to solve a class of problems by handling one thing, solve the demands of teachers and students from the source and top-level design, and promote “just take it and do it” To “do it before you take it” and “do it yourself if you don’t take it”.

In addition, the school also tries its best to meet the learning and living needs of teachers and students by opening a 24-hour hotline, unblocking the principal’s mailbox, and in-depth understanding of the actual needs of teachers and students on the spot.

Bring the “epidemic prevention lecture” to the front line of the dormitory

Epidemic prevention and control is not only a living “textbook”, but also a vivid “ideological and political lesson”. During the special period, many colleges and universities in Beijing insisted on combining solving ideological problems with solving practical problems, and taught the “big ideological and political courses” of epidemic prevention and control.

“24-Hour Epidemic Prevention Strategy”, “A Letter to Faculty, Staff and Residents”, “Epidemic Prevention and Control, Start with Small Things: Do You Really Know How to Wear a Mask? “Fight against the epidemic with one heart · Health protection · Comply with regulations” “Fight against the epidemic with “heart” style, always accompany! “…Renmin University of China continuously pushes epidemic prevention knowledge to the teachers and students of the school through the official WeChat, and focuses on possible psychological and emotional problems, and designs and launches a series of “Health” projects to help the teachers and students with popular science psychology knowledge to help fight against the epidemic. epidemic, and provide comfort and support to students in need.

At the same time, guided by the prompt handling of complaints, many college leaders, counselors, and class teachers have stepped down to the front line to solve demands and difficulties with quick processing and seeking truth from facts, grasp students’ ideological trends at the first time, and use down-to-earth and warm Carry out policy interpretation and emotional appeasement in a timely manner, and untie the knots in students’ minds.

Peking University, Renmin University of China and other colleges and universities have also opened “epidemic prevention lectures” to the front line of the dormitory, organized all leading cadres to go to the dormitory, communicate with students face to face, point to point to solve doubts, talk about the “big ideological and political course” of epidemic prevention and control, and make the school Care and love are passed on to every student.

“Behind everything in order is the hard work and silent dedication of the campus guardians, paying tribute to our campus heroes!” “The school responded quickly, and the campus was stable and orderly.” “It is not easy for teacher volunteers.” The school fights together” “I didn’t hoard anything, I just hoarded my full trust in the school”… In the relevant pushes of the official WeChat of major universities, “confessions” from students are often found. At the same time, the students also used practical actions such as serving teachers and students for nucleic acid testing and maintaining order to take this “ideological and political course” on epidemic prevention and control.

From November 16th to 22nd, the Youth League Committee of Peking University and the Youth League Committee of the departments organized a total of more than 900 volunteers to take up more than 360 shifts to participate in voluntary services, and distributed more than 2,000 boxes of drinks and 40,000 “Warm Reminder Cards for Epidemic Prevention and Control” to students In hand, the service guarantees more than 190,000 teacher and student nucleic acid tests.

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