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Retired Veterans Inspire Rural Communities: National Defense Education Enriches the Countryside

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Retired veterans tell stories, national defense education enriches the countryside

In an effort to cultivate patriotism and foster a deep sense of love for the party, the country, and the army, the 2023 National Defense Education into the Rural Activity was held in Yanjiaba Village, Baohe Town, Yanjiang District, Ziyang City. The event invited Su Zebing, the most beautiful retired soldier in the area, to provide a unique national defense education class to the villagers.

Su Zebing, drawing from his military career, shared his unforgettable combat experiences and emphasized the importance of patriotism and national construction. He urged the villagers to remember the heroic deeds of the martyrs, inherit the red gene, and contribute their own strength to building a stronger motherland.

“The story and experience shared by Su Zebing are truly admirable. Today’s happy life is hard-won, and it is crucial for us to remain vigilant and actively participate in national defense construction in our daily lives,” commented Zhang Zhiming, a villager in attendance.

In addition to the enlightening class, the activity also distributed cultural and creative products and leaflets. These materials aimed to further popularize national defense knowledge, policies, and regulations among the villagers. The hope is to stimulate their enthusiasm for national defense and encourage active involvement.

The event successfully brought the importance of national defense education to the countryside. The experiences shared by Su Zebing, coupled with the engaging materials distributed, has resonated with the villagers, instilling a sense of duty and responsibility towards the country’s defense and development.

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With the month-long celebration of National Defense Education ongoing, events like these play a pivotal role in bolstering patriotism and raising awareness. It is through these collective efforts that the masses can contribute to the nation’s progress and safeguard its interests.

(Editors: Li Qiangqiang, Gao Hongxia)

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