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Return to Afghanistan – International

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Return to Afghanistan – International

“In August last year, US troops withdrew from Afghanistan and the Taliban took power. The theology student movement quickly imposed its own strict rules: women cannot go to school or work. Nor do sports. But today we are not leaving to see how the situation has changed under the Taliban. Now we are going to meet a woman who is about to leave the country in secret ”.

Thus begins the podcast of Internazionale Zaynabwritten and narrated by Stefano Liberti with the creative direction of Jonathan Zenti. Zaynab is the continuation of a job started in 2017, when Liberti, with the video operator Mario Poeta, met the players of the women’s soccer team from Herat, Afghanistan, and their coach.

The arrival of the Taliban had forced the whole team to flee. One of the girls, however, was left behind and had to be rescued. On 30 September, in the courtyard of the Castle, it will be possible to follow the story of the clandestine operation together with Liberti, Zenti and the Afghan footballer Maryam Mehrzad, sister of the protagonist of the podcast.

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