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Return to the roots denied to the Marsala Family destroyed on Ivrea-Santhià

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Return to the roots denied to the Marsala Family destroyed on Ivrea-Santhià

They were headed to Sicily, but resided in Great Britain The clash with three Piedmontese: except for a 2-year-old child

seventh rottaro

There was that dull sun that seems to have come out of a Norwegian fjord and you can almost look into the eyes, on Tuesday 2 August, delicately illuminating the Ivrea-Santhià riser. Admired, perhaps, also by the Marsala family, who around 19 were traveling quietly on the asphalt belt that connects the Turin-Aosta motorway to the Turin-Milan. Antonino and Raffaella (Magliaro, the maiden name), aged 40 and 32, born a couple of hours from London: in Bedford, like their son Lorenzo, 15, but with solid roots – on Antonino’s part – in Calamonaci in the province of Agrigento. For reasons still being investigated by the traffic police officers of the Settimo Torinese subsection, the father who was driving lost control of the car and ended up on the opposite lane. The Ivrea-Santhià link road, in fact, in that stretch is not equipped with a guard rail or dividers that are able to perform the task of making the two carriageways truly impassable, as required by the highway code.

On the other hand, in the direction of Ivrea, another family proceeded without suspecting anything, from Casale Monferrato, with a 50-year-old father, 40-year-old mother and two-year-old child. The Fiat Panda of the Marsala family, linked to its Italian origins also in the choice of the car, crossed the path of the Toyota Yaris of the Piedmontese. It rolled over over the roof of the car. And it ended up directly in the moat, destroyed. The passengers were thrown out and ended up in the brambles, where they will be recovered by the fire brigade. Instead, the driver remained between the sheets.

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It went better for the family in the Yaris: all helicopter transported in yellow code to the Novara hospital. Therefore, no one is in danger of life. Not even that child who at two is already a survivor.

The traffic police agents will clarify the dynamics, coordinated by the magistrate on duty, the prosecutor Daniele Piergianni of the Ivrea prosecutor’s office. It will be necessary to ascertain whether there is any concurrence of guilt, but the incontrovertible fact is that the Panda swerved, skipping the lane and ending up in the opposite direction of travel. If due to an illness or other external causes, it will be clarified only later.

There remain the many, too many crossings from one direction of travel to the other on that stretch of motorway, which by definition should be an “extra-urban or urban road with independent carriageways or separated by impassable mediants”. So much so that a commercial agent who in that stretch had made a U-turn, had received an appeal from the justice of the peace of Ivrea, where “he had objected that the maneuver had not been carried out on a stretch of motorway, given the absence of an impassable traffic island between the two carriageways ». The Supreme Court, then, has given him wrong. But the data remains, and how.

To pay the cost of too many unheard warnings on the absence of a guard rail, this time, were two families. The Marsalas, in particular, who will never arrive in Calamonaci, where they were headed to celebrate the patron saint San Vincenzo Ferreri with their fellow villagers – the party is Sunday – and meet relatives and friends again, as they often did in the summer. Many memories of friends and relatives on social networks, while the photos of their wedding and parties are almost a hymn to joy. She writes an English friend of Raffaella: “she was really the kindest person you ever met, she never got involved in any quarrel or childish utterances and she always had a huge smile on her face” . –

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(Valerio Grosso collaborated)

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