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Reveal video in which extraditable jumps from the bunker of the Prosecutor’s Office in Medellín

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Reveal video in which extraditable jumps from the bunker of the Prosecutor’s Office in Medellín

Álvarez Haya was wearing blue jeans and a green T-shirt and black shoes. In the video it seems that he had premeditated what he was going to do: As soon as they walk slowly down the hall, the professor gains momentum and plunges headfirst into the hallway. over the railing, leaving the security personnel stunned and without reaction.

Building staff immediately tried to help the man, but Due to the seriousness of the injuries and the height at which he decided to jump, it was a sudden death after falling from a third floor. It is worth mentioning that Professor Álvarez Aya was required by a court in New York City, United States.

Network dedicated to creating child pornography falls in Colombia, Brazil and Spain

An operation coordinated by Interpol allowed the arrest of ten people in Brazil, Colombia and Spain accused of spreading child pornography through instant messaging applications and cloud storageThe Spanish Police reported this Monday.

According to a police statement, five of the arrests occurred in Colombiathree in Spain, including two minors, and two in Brazil.

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In addition, two other people are being investigated in Spain for the dissemination of child pornography through direct sending of images to messaging groups and, to further protect privacy, from links to cloud storage sites, according to the statement.

Citizen collaboration marked the beginning of the investigation, thanks to the fact that several people alerted groups from where this material was distributed and agents to fight cybercrime They located five suspects in Colombia, another five in Spain and two in Brazil.

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The investigation focused on those who distributed the images and users were detected in different countries.

One of the minors detained in Spain used ephemeral emails, which disappeared after a period of time predetermined to avoid leaving a trace, and although he deleted the material from his computer, during a search it was possible to recover a video and external memories that he had hidden, according to the Police.

The case of the other minor, The agents found abundant child pornography material in a search at his home.which saturated his mobile phone, and they verified that he used different instant messaging programs to spread it, the statement details.

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