Home News Revine, grandmother Angela unmasks two expert scammers: “Dear impostors, I don’t believe you”

Revine, grandmother Angela unmasks two expert scammers: “Dear impostors, I don’t believe you”

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Angela De Marco, a pensioner who foiled a scam

“His son caused an accident and it takes six thousand euros to keep him from going to jail”: but this time the fake carabiniere and the fake lawyer have found bread for their teeth

COME BACK. “Your son hit an old woman who is seriously ill in the hospital. Now he is detained by the carabinieri, six thousand euros are immediately needed for a lawyer to defend him ». On Monday morning Angela De Marco, eighty-year-old from Revine, was reached by telephone by two impostors, a woman, who passed off as her son’s lawyer, and by a man who played the part of a carabiniere, obviously a fake.

«It was ten in the morning when the phone rang», Angela says still troubled, «a woman introduced herself saying: she is the mother of … pronouncing my son’s name and surname. Yes, I said. I’m a lawyer, she told me, adding: your son has hit a 75-year-old and is very serious in the hospital. He was taken to the police station ». Then, to make the staging more credible, the accomplice intervened, pretending to be a soldier of the Arma, confirming that the woman’s son had been summoned by the carabinieri.

«They were terrible moments», says Angela, «they were well informed about everything. They even went so far as to tell me that my son would end up in prison and that, at least, he would be in prison for six months because he had great responsibilities in the accident ». Six thousand euros would have been needed immediately for the defense of the son. “They asked me if I had any money in the house. I replied that I kept the money in the bank ». The woman, in shock, however, did not lose heart and kept the clarity to do the right thing. She tried to contact her son in the company where she works to see if what she was told had really happened. “It was a sigh of relief to hear his voice and see that he was at work and nothing had happened. I got so scared. Then I also called the other son and he told me that a similar thing had recently also happened in Valdobbiadene ».

Grandma Angela foiled the scam, but others fell for it. A few months ago some criminals, with the proven, but effective technique of communicating a false and serious road accident in which a close family member would have been involved, posing as carabinieri and stealing the good faith of the victims by asking for money for the lawyer , had managed to get thousands of euros and gold delivered. A widow from Fregona had ended up in the trap.

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