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Rey vallenato dedicated some verses to Shakira and Piqué

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Rey vallenato dedicated some verses to Shakira and Piqué

As a result of Shakira’s new song with the Argentine producer Bizarrap, all kinds of comments, advertisements and memes have been generated. that production turned out to be a success on all digital platforms and there are many ‘covers’ that have emerged.

It was recently known that the accordion player Maria Silena Ovalle he recreated the music track for the song on his instrument.

A video circulates on social networks in which the Vallenato king Almes Granados and the verseador and blind accordion player Juan David Atencia, making piqueria with this theme.

They have to understand me, my verse that has rhyme, and this verse is for Piqué and the famous Shakira”, begins the vallenato king.

Next, and accompanied by snare drum, guacharaca and accordion, Atencia, known as the ‘modern Leandro Díaz’, says: “Two birds I’m killing, with my concluding words, Shakira is billing and it is killing the tusa”.

Next, Granado rhymes: “I say it with feeling, with my simple words, Piqué is swallowing dry and Shakira said that”.

Finally, and very excited, Juan David concluded: “I’m going to let him know, my talent is not hidden, where will Pique be? that he doesn’t even answer”.

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