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Rhine-Ruhr Easter March starts in Duisburg – the demands

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Rhine-Ruhr Easter March starts in Duisburg – the demands

Duisburg. The Rhine-Ruhr Easter March starts on Saturday in downtown Duisburg. A peace researcher wants a new direction.

One of the nation’s largest peace marches starts on Saturday in Duisburg. This year, the Rhine-Ruhr Easter March focuses on the demand for an end to the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East. “But we are also demonstrating against the renaissance of the old military concepts in foreign policy,” says spokesman Joachim Schramm, sharply criticizing Defense Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD).

The three-day Rhine-Ruhr Easter March begins on Holy Saturday at 10:30 a.m. at the Kuhtor in Duisburg city center and stops in Cologne, Essen, Gelsenkirchen, Wattenscheid, Herne and Bochum, among others, until it ends on Easter Monday in Dortmund. More than 50 initiatives and organizations called for demonstrations, rallies and actions for peace.

In Duisburg, the Peace Forum is the organizer. Speakers include Reiner Braun, who was co-president of the International Peace Office in Geneva until 2022. The march will lead to the main train station on Saturday morning, where a musical conclusion is planned.

Peace researchers: Peace activists must also appeal to younger people

But how important is the Easter March? Peace researcher Tobias Debiel from the University of Duisburg-Essen continues to see peace demonstrations such as the Easter marches as “extremely important,” but peace activists should not lose touch with the younger generations. “In order to be attractive to younger people, the activities, speeches and cultural contributions need to be more colorful,” explains the scientist. In order to reach younger people, “the climate and environmental issue must be more closely linked to peace issues.”

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The peace movement’s Easter marches have a decades-old tradition. The number of participants was several hundred thousand at the end of the 1960s, during the debate about the so-called NATO “double decision” and during the Gulf Wars. In recent years, tens of thousands of demonstrators have taken part in the actions; in Duisburg in 2023 there were around 250 participants.

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Easter marches are also scheduled to take place on Saturday in Hemer-Iserlohn, Hamm, Bielefeld, Bonn and Siegen. Organizers are often local peace initiatives. In Münster, the participants meet in front of the university and cycle through the city with a peace bicycle demo. The final rally is planned for the city center.

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