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Richetti and the Fanpage investigation: a woman accuses him of harassment, but he denounced her for stalking a year ago

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Richetti and the Fanpage investigation: a woman accuses him of harassment, but he denounced her for stalking a year ago

Would be Matteo Richetti the senator of the Republic accused of abuses by a woman, who for the moment has told his version of events to the newspaper Fanpage. To make his name, however, is not the newspaper, but a note by Actionwhich states that «for a year now Senator Richetti has reported to the judiciary and the postal police stalking and threats attributable to a woman already known to the police. The fact that a news site, ten days before the elections, anonymously reports such serious accusations without having the courage to mention the name of the Senator, but posting partial photos that make it recognizablerepresents one new level of baseness of the Italian press“. According to the party, “the injured party” in this affair would be Richetti.

«In the last two days Matteo Richetti has been the subject of a media lynching for the accusation of a deranged woman who has been persecuting him for a year. This is the complaint filed by Matteo who reports the telegram messages received and deposited at the same time as the complaint, which shows the absence of any possible harassment. On the contrary, it is clear that this is an unstable person with previous similar initiatives. Judge for yourselves », are the words of Carlo Calenda, attaching a copy of the complaint.

The Fanpage story
on your part Fanpage claims to have published the story of one victim of sexual abuse “After months of investigation” and after “having come into possession of documents, including chat, audio and email that would coincide with his story.” This is why they considered it “appropriate to tell about it”. Everything would start at November 2021, when Ambra (invented name) decides to approach politics and a reality that seems different from the others. She believes she is appreciated for her professionalism and her knowledge of languages, but from the first meeting with the senator begins to perceive something wrong. The secretary who approaches to remind you that the door should remain open, some inappropriate requests and jokes that are addressed to her, but she remains convinced that that is the price to pay to stay in that environment.

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After that meeting, the woman claims to start receiving ambiguous and sexually explicit messages, only to meet him a second time. November 16. It would then be that the violence, because, according to the alleged victim, the senator would put his hands under her skirt until they touch her private parts. An unpleasant episode to which she would follow another, shortly after Christmas, when the woman she tells of having suffered a search due to a complaint by the senator. To confirm this would also be a deputy police inspectorwhom she would turn to for help, but eventually make another sexist comment, calling it “a show.”

The version of Action and Richetti
Richetti nega every part of the woman’s tale and provides the his version of events. On November 29, the senator filed a complaint against unknown persons to the postal police, after receiving comments on his Facebook profile in which he is addressed with insulting phrases. The online persecution by account fake – obscured twice by the police – also reaches i family members of the senatorthat complaint to have received a long text message in which a woman accuses Richetti of atrocities of all kinds. Here, too, sentences that cannot be reported next to expressions such as “you are a lousy” or “you are sick in the head”.

On September 13 follows a second complaint, in which he affirms that his collaborators, belonging to the staff of Action, would have been contacted by a freelance journalist, who would have “invited” them to “reveal any sentimental approaches suffered, declaring to act in the interest and protection of women”. Richetti then claims to have spoken to the same journalist, who would have read the content of messages attributed to him: messages that Richetti labeled as “totally artifacts»As« from me neither produced nor sent“. For Richetti it is a dossier “highly detrimental to my reputation moreover in consideration of the electoral period and my candidacy in the next political elections ».

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Even the party secretary, Carlo Calendadefended the position of the senator, stressing that he is thethe only one to have denounced the woman a year ago for stalking and threats. «1) Richetti is not accused because no one has ever reported him. 2) vice versa, the person in question was denounced a year ago for stalking and threats also to Matteo’s family. 3) the person in question has done similar things in the past and already artifact messages and mails. This is the last answer we will give on the subject – he continues on Twitter -. The judiciary is working as well as the postal police. In no country in the world are anonymous complaints collected and formal legal acts ignored. But this is Italy. And we’re used to this stuff. Amen”.

To who on social he asks to Senator Richetti of resign, to clarify the issue without enjoying parliamentary immunity, he replies: «Let’s specify for a moment: they constructed false messages and attributed them to me. They sent an anonymous video that tells about things that never happened. I have denounced, whoever slanders me no. This has been happening for months and now all kinds of falsehoods come out and I have to clarify? More than this?”.

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