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Rirasaldense pride in the Colombian Rugby Team

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Rirasaldense pride in the Colombian Rugby Team

Julián Andrés Santa

Risaralda women’s rugby continues to stand out in the best way at the national level. This is how the two athletes from the Rhinos Femme Club of the Risaraldense league, Ángela Alzate and Sofía Hincapié, were summoned to the Colombian National Team to participate in a tour of Europe, first in Spain and then in the Netherlands, with a view to qualifying for the 2025 Women’s World Cup.

Happiness and joy do not fit into the 18-year-old athlete, Sofía Hincapié Leiva, who was called up to the national team for the first time and what better than for an international tour, where she also managed to earn her place, going from the 43 called up to the list final of 28 chosen. “The moment I found out that she was going to travel to Europe was something a little unexpected and exciting, since it is the first time that I am going to play with the Colombian National Team. My coach approached me and told me that he wanted me to continue working in the second line role that I am currently working in and that he wanted me to exploit the talent on this next tour, he told me that.”

Great relationship with Ángela Alzate

Regarding her feeling after the call, Sofía expresses: “I feel anxious, nervous and motivated because I am going to be with the best in Colombia who already have several years of experience in rugby.” For her part, regarding her great relationship with Ángela Alzate, who was also summoned, she adds: “she has been my coach since I started my process in this sport.”

Talented in rugby

“I’m barely going to be two years old. Before, I was a high-performance diving athlete where I was for nine years and I had already completed my cycle, it is something that one realizes, the monotony began and I no longer felt the same passion and I decided to explore other sports and currently I decided to stay in the rugby”.

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Thank your university

Sofía Hincapié is currently studying the third semester of financial engineering: “there have been many difficulties in terms of coordinating the entire study and sports part but I want to thank the Universidad Libre because despite everything they have helped me with the sports issue and the entire administration of the Sports Secretariat,” he pointed out.

Angela’s experience

For her part, Ángela Alzate continues to add calls and great experiences with the national rugby team. “We are very happy to once again have the opportunity to represent the country on this tour in Europe. We are going to spend eight days in Madrid where we are going to have a meeting with a team from there, prior to the trip to Amsterdam, which is where we are going to play the important Wxv3 qualifying tournament again.”

Happy for Sofia’s debut

“In the call we were together with Sofía Hincapié, she will enter as a debutant, she just turned 18 so we are also very happy that she has added these important first experiences with the majors. We are both from the Rhinos Femme Club and we are very proud that the club continues to give players to the Colombian National Team. This training will give us more games for the challenge we have in the middle of the year, which is qualifying for the 15’s World Cup,” added Ángela Alzate.

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