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Risaraldense chess launches sports implementation

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Risaraldense chess launches sports implementation

Development poles and processes towards National Games benefit

Julian Andres Santa

In Risaralda there are more and more boys and girls who are interested in learning science from sport, this is how the Risaraldense Chess League, with the support of the Departmental Department of Sports, in its objective of continuing to spread and generate new spaces in the different municipalities, received a new sports implementation, where not only the seed groups will benefit, but also the processes towards the 2023 National Games in the Coffee Region.


Sergio Barrientos, president of the Risaralda league, stated: “Very happy for this sports implementation, which helps us to work on development poles and also for league events. There are 20 new tables, 80 new chairs, we have three digital boards, wall boards; We have an implementation of a floor to adapt live chess, clocks and it helps us so that the league can move to the different poles of development and that the coaches can be in these municipalities”.


Luis Eduardo Duque, Secretary of Sports of Risaralda, highlighted the teamwork to have been able to achieve this management. “The municipalities benefit from the development poles and with such an important stop, so simple, but that had never been given that it is the specialized and new sports implementation, with official characteristics for the different municipalities and that is what we want to rescue, thank the league for the great work it does, the trainers who are at the poles, because without them we could not have done this job”.

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In this way, the development poles program can be expanded to more municipalities in Risaralda, where children continue to express their interest in learning chess.

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