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Rivarolo, 15, found unconscious in a deconsecrated church where a fire alarm was triggered

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Anonymous phone call around 18.30. The girl taken to the hospital

A deconsecrated church in flames, an anonymous phone call, a fifteen-year-old half-unconscious rushed to hospital in Ivrea. A quiet September Sunday in Rivarolo turns yellow.

Around 6.30 pm a telephone call, in a teenage voice, warns the fire brigade that the church is on fire in the hamlet of Gave. The sacred building has long been deconsecrated and stands in the middle of the countryside, reachable by a long dirt road. The Rivarolo firefighters arrive there in less than ten minutes. They put on the caps and go inside. Some pallets, piled up in what was once the sacristy, were burning. How the fire started will be discovered in the next few hours by the carabinieri, called in urgency, together with an ambulance of the Red Cross of Rivarolo, when an intoxicated and semi-fainting girl was found. The medical team immediately stabilized her by decreeing that she was not life threatening but hospitalization was still required for further clinical investigations. From here the departure with full sirens towards Ivrea. Do not miss three things to the militaries of the weapon. A bicycle left about twenty meters from the church, perhaps used by the girl herself to reach that isolated place, some bottles of spirits that seemed not to have been there for a long time and the arrival of some young people. And the investigations will start from them to understand what happened. The most accredited hypothesis is that of a stunt. The “secret meeting” to drink “something strong”, the crazy idea of ​​burning those old pallets, a sudden illness and that phone call to 112. Which perhaps saved a life.

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