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Rob Brezsny Aquarius Horoscope January 5/11, 2023

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Rob Brezsny Aquarius Horoscope January 5/11, 2023

Writer Michael Meade says: “The ship is always off course. Anyone who navigates knows it. To sail means to go off course and correct. This gives us an idea of ​​what life is”. I interpret Meade’s words to mean that we are never in a perfect rut leading us towards our goal. We continually deviate from the path we wish we could follow with unfailing precision. This is not a system bug, it’s a feature of it. And as long as we’re obsessed with the idea that we’re not where we should be, we’ll be distracted from doing our real work. What is this real job? Make constant corrections. I hope that in 2023 you will make what I am telling you one of the fundamental themes of your meditations, Aquarius.

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