Home News Rob Brezsny Pisces horoscope 11/17 August 2022

Rob Brezsny Pisces horoscope 11/17 August 2022

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Rob Brezsny Pisces horoscope 11/17 August 2022

Luna, a friend of mine from Pisces, sent me a message that summarizes what I think about you these days. I will write it here in the hope that it inspires you to be perfectly yourself. Luna said: “Whenever I meet someone who was born within two weeks of my birthday, I end up feeling like they’re the smartest and wisest person I’ve ever met. They are totally ridiculous and worthy of deep respect. They have vanished and brilliantly concentrated. They are dreamers who could never do anything practical and lyrical thinkers who fascinate me with their attunement to the beauty of the world and impress me with their understanding of how it works. Ahahahahah. Fortunately for me, I know well that the madman is sacred ”.

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