Home News Robbery at the Ardivel minimarket in Ponte nelle Alpi: four boys are under investigation

Robbery at the Ardivel minimarket in Ponte nelle Alpi: four boys are under investigation

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Robbery at the Ardivel minimarket in Ponte nelle Alpi: four boys are under investigation

Four minors, some sixteen, involved in the robbery of 4 November in Ponte nelle Alpi to the detriment of a stabbed trader and an injured friend: these are boys born in the province, the two alleged perpetrators already with precedents and known as frequent visitors to the group at the Bologna city park. All for just under one hundred euros in value, that’s the amount of cash looted in the till.

Two in prison and two under investigation

Two measures, one precautionary in prison, against a 17-year-old and a 16-year-old considered material perpetrators of the bloody robbery; two others are under investigation for aiding and abetting: the mobile team of the Belluno police station has given a turn to the investigation into the robbery at the minimarket Ardivel of Ponte nelle Alpi by identifying the two alleged perpetrators and two other alleged and probably unaware supporters. “That November 4, they arrived by bus and fled by train,” explained the leader of the flying squad Jacopo Ballarin. The cameras filmed them and thanks to the acquisitions of public and private surveillance recordings, the third anti-robbery section of the Mobile was able to track down the two young men, who in any case showed up in the shop with their faces distorted.

The gun and knife used in the robbery were recovered

Also recovered the pistol and above all the knife with which Franco Ardivel was hit in the shoulder.

For the two boys, the hypotheses of crime formulated for various reasons by the Venice prosecutor’s office are multi-aggravated robbery, aggravated personal injuries and illegal carrying of objects intended to offend. For the two suspects, the accusation is of aiding and abetting as they allegedly guarded the clothes of the alleged perpetrators of the robbery. But they probably would have kept them without being aware of it.

The police closed the investigation within a month

In little more than a month, the police have therefore pulled the strings of an event that has shaken the Belluno community for its brutality: “We thought of people who came from outside, then the investigations directed us towards boys we knew” explained the Ballarin manager.

Satisfaction of the Belluno quaestor

Words of satisfaction for the speed of response to another heinous case by the commissioner Giuseppe Maggese: «I applaud the solution by our investigators, from a repressive point of view the response was quick. Unfortunately, the story takes place in a difficult context for which we had already expressed concern: but despite the invitations, even of a persuasive nature, the subjects continued in this violent loop. In any case, everything has been brought back to normal: we hope that this epilogue (the two precautionary measures) will make those who have remained outside reflect, also because throwing their life away like this is not really the case ».

Robbery in Ponte nelle Alpi, there are four boys under investigation


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