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Robbery in Ponte nelle Alpi, the other minor could confess

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Robbery in Ponte nelle Alpi, the other minor could confess

The other 17-year-old under investigation for the Ponte robbery should confess. On Monday morning, YH, the boy from Alpago who took part in the armed assault on the Ardivel market on 4 November, takes place before the judge for preliminary investigations of the Juvenile Court of Venice. His position is less heavy than that of ME, who on Saturday morning made use of the right not to answer to the Bologna judge and remains in the juvenile prison in via de Pratello, awaiting the setting of a hearing.

YH is accused of threatening Giorgio Rova with an air pistol and then hitting him in the face with the butt. During the search of the last few days, the Flying Squad found not only the weapon in his house, but also the clothes he was wearing that evening and they were filmed by the cameras of the Dolomiti newsstand and the urban video surveillance of Ponte nelle Alpi. defended by the Venetian lawyer Carlo Costantini, who explained the situation to him: the more collaborative he is, the greater the chances of returning home and school quickly. Clearly he will have to follow an educational path and behave like a good citizen, also because next year he will be of age and prison is another thing altogether.

He would have only one criminal record for aggravated theft, unlike ME, the same age from Borgo Valbelluna defended by the lawyer Enrico Rech whom the police and carabinieri know much better and have already investigated several times. The latter is accused of having stabbed the merchant Franco Ardivel five times in the left arm, after being denied the day’s collection, or rather the cash fund. At least for the moment, the disputed crimes are multi-aggravated robbery and aggravated injuries, but it is not excluded that the latter could soon become attempted murder. The Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office could ask for an expert opinion, to establish it with certainty, of course Ardivel currently has a 60-day prognosis and there are not only physical but also psychological consequences.

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The police arrived at the two minors, examining the images from the cameras and hearing the witnesses. Both were disguised with a hood and a mask and said a few words inside the shop, but after the hit of just a hundred euros they would have fled to the Polpet train station, where they would have been filmed again by the electronic eyes. According to the reconstruction of the investigators, ME had already got rid of the knife that the forensics examined and on which he may have found his fingerprints. There are serious indications of crime for both of them, while they have not escaped anywhere and, in the scant month of investigation, would not have done anything else serious.

On their Instagram profiles, especially one, there is no shortage of demonstrations of closeness and calls for liberation.

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