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Robbery with tobacco knife in Florence, young man arrested – Tuscany

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Robbery with tobacco knife in Florence, young man arrested – Tuscany

In the escape he ends up against the bus but gets up and is then blocked

(ANSA) – FLORENCE, MARCH 21 – In the afternoon, a tobacconist’s shop was robbed with a knife in the center of Florence, between via San Gallo and via delle Ruote where a boy, perhaps not yet of age, allegedly threatened the owner with a switchblade, making himself almost 1,500 euros in cash while an accomplice acted as a lookout on the street.

The uproar would have immediately attracted the attention of another trader in the area who, as soon as the perpetrator left the tobacco shop, would have launched in pursuit. The boy, who arrived in via XXVII Aprile, would not have been able to avoid the accidental impact with a bus. The blow was so strong that it shattered the windshield of the bus. However, the young man would immediately get up and continue his run. Meanwhile, an agent, who noticed the scene, also joined the chase. The police cars, alerted by some citizens, immediately intervened, reaching and definitively blocking the robber in via degli Alfani. It would be a young man not yet of age. The agents would have found a balaclava on him, not worn for the robbery, a knife and the spoils of the coup, stuffed in a sock. Taking into account the collision with the bus, the boy, who risks being charged with armed robbery, was immediately taken to the hospital to check his health conditions which are currently still undergoing medical evaluation. (HANDLE).

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