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Roberto Gualtieri takes the sprint at the Expo: “The strength of Rome is its rights”

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Roberto Gualtieri takes the sprint at the Expo: “The strength of Rome is its rights”

How do you beat “a fierce opponent”, with unlimited funds, like Riyadh for Expo 2030? “With an inclusive candidacy, based on respect for human rights and environmental sustainability”. The mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri, interviewed by the editor of Repubblica Maurice Molinari at the Open Summit 2022 at the Maxxi, he has clear ideas to convince the 170 countries of the International Exhibition Bureau in the November 2023 vote: “With quality and consistency. Now there is no speech by a head of state in which the term sustainability does not appear a hundred times: we will see if the words are accompanied by deeds. We want to create an Expo at zero emissions, creating a single energy community and a large renewable energy plant. Our Expo will regenerate a quadrant of the city”.

“The Capital, model of inclusive city”

The mayor dem Gualtieri also focuses on the protection of human rights: it is no coincidence that he underlines this, given the protests over the assignment of the World Cup to Qatar. “Rome wants to be a model of an open and inclusive city. We have signed a protocol with the unions on working conditions”.
Also in the running are the Ukrainian city Odessa and the Korean Busan, but Rome’s main competitor is Riyadh, sure of having enough votes. “The emirs are carrying out an aggressive electoral campaign. They are also asking for open voting, this can say a lot about some supports”. At the event organized by Green & Blue, Gualtieri comments on the first budget maneuver of the Meloni government. “I’m worried: they took away from those who have less to give to those who have more. Reducing the tax burden on VAT numbers who earn more than 65,000 euros and cutting the Citizenship Income is not a right distributive choice”.

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“I defend the basic income”

The former Minister of Economy in the Conte II government criticizes above all the elimination of the Citizenship Income: “I decided to keep it and I have always said that it was necessary to improve the part of the employable, now it has been cut overnight. Thousands of people will have no sustenance.”
On the next congress of the Democratic Party: “It started in an abstract way but I am confident. The Democratic Party has a key role, it must oppose to change economic policies and build a necessary alternative. The Democratic Party saved Italy in the last legislature”.

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