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Roger Waters, the left, anti-Semites, alibism | Company | .a week

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Roger Waters, the left, anti-Semites, alibism |  Company |  .a week

in recent weeks, the news flashed in the media that the German recording and publishing company BMG was terminating the contract with Roger Waters. His anti-Semitic, or anti-Israel attitudes. Waters’ behavior undoubtedly crossed the line of tolerability and excusability, and it is rightly condemned. And yet I cannot get rid of a kind of aftertaste here; the feeling that something has not been said and will not be said; suspicions that distancing oneself from Waters’ person could be convenient for someone as an alibi.

Roger Waters is a sad case. Actually, it’s a pity in some ways. He was a talented guy, capable of working hard on himself. At least at the time when his main business was still playing rock and roll. Not that he didn’t already suffer from confused ideas then; they were always all too visible and audible. Not that he wasn’t an insufferable egomaniac. However, it was easier to get through all of that, and even the subliminal messages of some of his statements could be ignored more easily, while it was possible to perceive him first and foremost as a musician and only then as an ideologue.

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