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Roman Zozulya smeared Andriy Shevchenko for communicating with the pro-Russian tennis player Novak Djokovic

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Roman Zozulya smeared Andriy Shevchenko for communicating with the pro-Russian tennis player Novak Djokovic

The former football player of the Ukrainian national team, Roman Zozulya, on whose behalf a murderous “hello” was sent to the racists, accused his ex-teammate from “Dynamo”, the legendary Andrii Shevchenko, of situational patriotism. The player of the Spanish “Rayo Mahadaonda”, in particular, was outraged by the fact that the coach of the “yellow and blue” talked in the stands of the “San Siro” with the pro-Russian Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic during the semi-final of the Champions League “Milan” – “Inter” (0:2 ).

“Latent cotton wool? Stupidity? Double standards? If you are an ambassador of United 24, a charitable platform supporting Ukraine, then, in addition to recording promotional videos, you also have a reputational responsibility, — wrote Zozul’s novel on Instagram. — And not personally, but for the whole country. And if you are invited to football, and an athlete with frank pro-Russian views is sitting next to you, then you cannot a priori snuggle up to him with a blissful look.

A conscientious Ukrainian will not sit on the same hectare with this crap next to him. So why is our national pride sitting there?

Did Andriy Shevchenko know that he was sitting next to Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic? Did Andriy Shevchenko know that the Serb and his father were active Russophiles? Did Andriy Shevchenko know that Novak Djokovic is for the return of athletes from the Russian Federation and the Republic of Serbia to sports?

Obviously he knew. How did he know that Abramovich was working for Russia when he asked him to lift sanctions, because they were business partners until November 2022.

As he knew that Infantino is completely controlled and corrupted by Russia, when he was photographed with him. How did he know that he was going to NOK, which is full of former regionals. And he got out of it only after it gained a lot of publicity.

For some reason, Andriy Mykolayovych persistently pretends that his personal interests, friendships and preferences lie outside the war. Some situational patriotism.

We demand from the whole world sanctions and non-admission of Russian athletes to international championships and competitions, and our ambassador hangs out with the main adherents and propagandists of the opposite point of view. Are we adequately perceived in the world after that?

For a long time I kept silent about this and even assumed that a person could make a mistake, but now his mistakes have become systemic. So are these mistakes?

And I don’t understand why it suits Ukrainian sports journalists? Do you think it’s out of time or is there another reason?”

We will remind that 33-year-old Zozulya, who has 33 matches and 4 goals in the Ukrainian national team shirt, together with Oleksandr Usyk “dressed” two brigades of our soldiers and constantly sends help from Spain. In turn, Andriy Shevchenko sold a flag of Ukraine with the autograph of Volodymyr Zelenskyi for a lot of money.

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Earlier, “FACTS” reported that Roman Zozulya caustically walked Putin’s coven in “Luzhniki”.


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Dejan May 18, 2023 - 6:42 am

Someone celebrating Stepan Bendera who was a proven Nazi should not be calling out one of the world’s best athletes EVER. This so-called football player forgot that Serbia was bombed in 1999! Did he raise his voice then? Of course it is not! Serbia (including Novak) has always supported the territorial integrity of Ukraine. That same Ukraine did not support the integrity of Serbia at the last UN session. Zazuljo shut up. Get into the mouse hole and don’t talk nonsense!


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