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Rome according to Fuksas: mending the city to compete with Milan

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The proposed title? People and territories: urban regeneration, inclusion and innovation. The focus is on the relationship between man and urban living, considering the digital transition, climate change, growing inequality, demographic transformation, migration, and now a pandemic. And “Rome Eternal Evolution” is the claim of the new site that launches the application.

Saving Expo 2030

«With the occasion of Expo 2030, areas with a great lack of services and with poor quality could be regenerated – comments Fuksas – I don’t believe in the concept of“ centrality ”, the existing city must be rethought. Fortunately, the term “periphery” which is now defined as “a piece of the city” is being eliminated from the dictionary: if 120 thousand inhabitants live in the historic center of Rome, where do the other 3.5 million citizens live? “.

The architect stresses the question of data: the Municipality of Rome is 11 times larger than that of Paris, comparing the two cities within the Grande Raccordo Anulare and the Outlying street. The Italian capital is also the largest agricultural municipality in Europe.

Significant values ​​for the comparison with Europe to which some references with Milan can be added, such as the extension, the number of inhabitants and users of the two cities. Lazio is second to Lombardy for GDP: two extremely productive regions, “also to dispel the myth that in Rome and in the region there are only services and politics – comments Fuksas – let’s not forget high technology, aerospace thanks to the presence of a large company like Leonardo to give an example “.

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Rome alternative to Milan

On the real estate front, Rome could become the alternative to Milan, the city where the great capital of institutional investors has now landed. «Even in real estate there are investors in Rome, everyone says we are waiting for them but there are – he comments – for now there have been no opportunities. Upstream, however, we need an innovative project for the city, which allows individuals to make investments, including on sustainability and alternative energy sources “.

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