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Roses of laughter through the air

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Roses of laughter through the air

It is impossible to make news about those news about who makes the news. A few days ago, a very few days ago, chatting with that girl with the easy laugh all the time and for inexplicable reasons she could not read them in front of us, she also has no explanation, nor logic, if the news with pain has any logic. If you ask me what was the best thing that Rosa does, that unforgettable woman who now reads it from infinity, is to laugh. In addition to finding the simplest of reasons, her laughter was her mark, that is why the echo of her enormous frank laugh remains entangled for eternities in the heart and soul of her professional colleagues.

Knowing that not seeing her again causes unusual hopelessness in a person who was herself the hope, her tact, her courage, her seriousness and honesty to any test, but above all her friendship and solidarity at all times taught us over the years to treat her that now seem like long weeks without hearing her voice, and her defiant and serene valeness. She ocha did not speak Spanish, despite knowing and writing her native language perfectly. Ocha spoke and advised in pure vallenato, but with a warmth that seems to have been invented by her. That’s why Rosa Elena’s name was hers, only in schools and universities they called her that, Ocha with those four letters, like the seasons, only changed to improve the moments. I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees, that flirtatious phrase from Neruda suited him perfectly. Or Guillén’s: In what a quiet way you make me smile, as if it were spring, me dying and in what subtle way you spilled all the April flowers on my shirt, who told you that I was always laughing and never crying…

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Today we are that, an indefinable lot of tears, and a sad laugh in the wind to remind us that she is still alive in the soul of each friend, each colleague, each family member. It hurts me that she can no longer chat with Ocha, she will be busy with very celestial matters, perhaps teaching them to laugh in a world with so many mixed pains…

By: Edgardo Mendoza

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