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Royal directives behind the pursuit of spoilers… and “Bigidi” committed political mistakes

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Royal directives behind the pursuit of spoilers… and “Bigidi” committed political mistakes

Abdelilah Benkirane, Secretary-General of the Justice and Development Party, criticized the UN envoy to the Sahara, de Mistura, after his visit to South Africa, within the framework of the consultations he is conducting on the Moroccan Sahara file, stressing that this visit will only lead to “disturbing the atmosphere.”

Benkirane said, in a letter addressed to de Mistura, during the regional council of the Justice and Development Party in the Casablanca-Settat region, “You don’t have anything to run in South Africa.

The former Prime Minister highlighted, in his interaction with the visit of the UN envoy to South Africa, that “our problem in Morocco is with a group of people (the Polisario Front) who made mistakes at the same time, and their acquaintances do not know how to retract their mistake,” adding, “Our children are dead, it will take a long time or a short time before we will reconcile with them.” “.

He continued, criticizing de Mistura, “You have a manager who goes to South Africa, making the atmosphere worse for us. We are heading in a positive direction, and our Algerian brothers, may God guide them. They are our brothers and we are their brothers, whether they like it or hate it, and they must reconsider their position, and our master (meaning the king) has never said a bad word to them.”

On the other hand, and commenting on the political situation in Morocco, Benkirane returned to attack the Authenticity and Modernity Party when he spoke about the “blockage” that hindered the formation of his government in 2016, where he said:

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“I did not want BAM to head the government because I was, and still am, looking at it as a dangerous party.”

Benkirane admitted that the Justice and Development Party had committed mistakes during the era of Saadeddine El Othmani’s government, “especially education and normalization with Israel, which took place in circumstances that only God knows,” as he put it.

Benkirane did not miss the “Escobar of the Desert” issue to criticize the Authenticity and Modernity Party, saying that “the mixture from which the current government was formed did not succeed, especially after it was confirmed that at least one of its component parties was harboring, and perhaps still is, people who traffic in drugs on the island.” At the international level, this is a great disaster.”

In connection with this, Benkirane praised the judiciary against the background of the arrests and detentions that affected a number of elected officials and parliamentarians suspected of involvement in financial corruption cases, adding that “the women and men of the judiciary in our country have been distinguished by their courage and integrity as we see, and God knows best, and they must be praised and asked to continue to do so.” Their job is no matter who the accused is,” noting that he called some judges with whom he has a relationship to congratulate them.

Benkirane went on to say that the investigations being initiated by the judiciary with a number of those suspected of involvement in financial corruption cases “include directives from His Majesty the King,” adding, “I am providing you with information, not analyses.”

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