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Rubio shelved the White House nominee for ambassador to China to advance appointment | Burns | Epoch Times

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[Epoch Times November 20, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Wang Xiang comprehensive report) In response to the intention of the Republican senator of the US Congress to shelve Nicolas Burns, the nominee for the ambassador to China, the White House Thursday ( November 18) called on Congress to continue the nomination process.

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said that anyone who knows Burns’s background knows that he is very qualified to serve as ambassador to China.

“He is a person who can effectively complete the work from the first day. He has already started to serve.” Pousaki said, “He is also a character-in China, we desperately need an ambassador, and now we have There is a lot of business, participation and follow-up work to be done. Therefore, of course we are eager to see progress in his nomination.”

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved Burns’s personnel nomination on November 3, and the personnel case has been sent to the Senate awaiting a vote in the whole house. However, according to the rules, the Senate allows individual senators to shelve the nomination of nominees.

Veteran senator and China hawk Marc Rubio (Marc Rubio) said on Tuesday (16th) that he would delay Biden’s nomination of the US ambassador to China.

Rubio said in a statement that Burns, who had worked in the State Department under Bush Jr. and Clinton, has defined his diplomatic career as “incapable of understanding the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party.”

White House Deputy Press Spokesperson Chris Meagher responded late Tuesday night that Senate Republicans had not put politics aside, “have blocked dozens of President Biden’s nominees as never before and prevented them from advancing American national security. Benefit”.

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Some of Biden’s nominees for national security positions were previously blocked by procedural actions by Senate Republicans.

The media previously predicted that with the Democratic Party dominating the Senate, Burns’ nomination of ambassador to China should be easy to pass.

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