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Rugby Feltre, with San Donà to stay on top

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Rugby Feltre, with San Donà to stay on top

Intense rugby weekend. Feltre, leaders of group 3 of Serie B, face San Donà al Boscherai on the ninth day. As for C, Alpago will play in Mira at lunchtime, where they will meet Riviera; instead Belluno will face Pordenone at Villa Montalban.

Feltre here

The Argentinian Martin Churro Magallanes, a grenade player, tries to make some predictions for tomorrow’s match: «I arrived this year and I don’t know San Donà. From what I’ve been told, the Venetian team has quality players, including some who have played in the top 10. I expect to face a young team, with some elements of experience who will try to put us in difficulty». The goal will be to keep the lead in the standings: «We have to be faithful to our game system and express ourselves as we know from a defensive point of view. This is what led us to be leader in this period. It should be emphasized that the infirmary is empty: the three injured players we had last Sunday have returned, so the team is complete. We will try to bring home a positive result as we have always done up to now».

Alpago here

Sporting director Giovanni Calvi analyzes Mira’s away match: «I expect the Riviera we faced in the qualifying round. They are a young team with some quality elements. In my opinion, it will be a game that we can play as equals; our only problem is that last Sunday some guys suffered some injuries and I doubt we will be able to recover them. We don’t have problems from a numerical point of view but in terms of training something will have to be reviewed. Among other things, the time is unusual, given that we play at noon, and the boys could struggle at that time. Unfortunately we lost the derby on Sunday, however I hope that the disappointment will lead our boys to react».

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Here Belluno

The Belluno captain Alberto De Polo describes the opponent: «We have already faced Pordenone this year. On that occasion we had won thanks to the melee and thanks to the solidity of the package we had made our own a race that could have gotten on the wrong track. Tomorrow we’ll have to repeat the work done by the forwards in the November game and as three-quarters we’ll have to be able not to get caught up in their game, imposing ours. Basically we will have to do as in Alpago last Sunday when, despite the adverse weather, we managed to express ourselves at our best». The team is healthy: «As far as the squad is concerned, we should all be there. Perhaps only Pellin is in, the others are all present barring last-minute unforeseen events».

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