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rumors of an intervention revive

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rumors of an intervention revive

Since last Saturday, rumors and versions have grown that the Superintendence of Public Services, Superservicios, will intervene in the Valledupar Public Services CompanyEmdupar.

The versions suggest that the superintendent Dagoberto Quiroga would travel the first week of February to Valledupar with the aim of liquidating the company, however, from the Mayor’s Office they indicated that they have not been notified and that they are unaware of the veracity of the information. EL PILÓN was able to confirm that from the Mayor prepares administrative changesamong them in the Management, headed by Luis Calderón, who would leave the public company.


But, Why is there talk of the possible liquidation of Emdupar? In addition to handling, due to the low income that has affected its liquidity and operation.

As of April 2022, the Emdupar’s portfolio reached $85,903 million, with a clear increase during the 2020 term when the national government prohibited coercive collections. This lack of resources has led Emdupar not to invest in improving the service, and the lack of investment has resulted in a water deficit greater than 200 l/s (liters per second).

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