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Rumors of Xi’s seizure of power spread everywhere

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Rumors of Xi’s seizure of power spread everywhere

On September 21, the CCP held the “National Defense and Military Reform Seminar”, and General Li Qiaoming, who had been removed from the post of commander of the Northern Theater Command, appeared (middle in the front row). (Image source: Video screenshot)

[See China News from September 25, 2022](See a comprehensive report by Chinese reporter Dong Linshan)Xi JinpingAfter visiting Central Asia in mid-September,stealthIt has been more than a week, during which he has rarely absent from the seminar on the reform of the CCP’s national defense and military, and was subsequently dismissedseize powerRumors abounded. Analysts believe that Xi Jinping’s seizure of power should be a political rumor.

After Xi’s visit to Central Asia, bad rumors abound

According to Xinhua News Agency, the CCP media reported that the CCP National Defense and Military Reform Seminar was held in Beijing on September 21. Xu Qiliang and Zhang Youxia, two vice-chairmen of the Central Military Commission, delivered speeches at the meeting, and members of the Central Military Commission Li Zuocheng, Miao Hua, and Zhang Shengmin attended the meeting.

As the chairman of the CCP Military Commission, Xi Jinping did not show up at the meeting, but only issued “instructions” to the meeting, asking the military to focus on preparing for war and so on. Another member of the military commission who was absent was Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe, a military cronie singled out by Xi Jinping.

Xi Jinping has not appeared in public since returning to Beijing after his visit, and has been invisible for more than a week.

During this period, news that overseas social media was unfavorable to Xi frequently spread, including a coup in Beijing, Xi Jinping has been placed under house arrest, and the truth will be announced at the Seventh Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee; Xi Jinping has lost power, and not only was re-elected as General Secretary, but also as Chairman of the Military Commission. All hung up, wait.

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Current affairs observer Wang He told The Epoch Times on September 23 that it is not a problem for Xi Jinping to show his face, and he often did not show up for a long time before. Before the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping’s visit to Central Asia was in itself a performance of his own success, and he did not make a risky visit.

He believes that many people are unwilling to be re-elected for Xi Jinping’s third term, so they need to do something. “Rumours like this are flying all over the sky, and from a political point of view, they have no substantive significance. It is just an expression of dissatisfaction.”

Li Qiaoming changed his chest and became the army commander

It can be seen from CCTV’s news footage of the day that Li Qiaoming, the former commander of the Northern Theater Command who was relieved, unexpectedly appeared at the meeting and sat in the first row. Previously, there were rumors that Li Qiaoming was involved in a “mutiny”.

61-year-old Li Qiaoming sat in the front row wearing an Army chest badge at the meeting, leaning against Army Commander Liu Zhenli. This not only means breaking the rumor that Li Qiaoming was involved in the “mutiny”, but also shows that he is still trusted by Xi Jinping.

According to the analysis of Tang Jingyuan, the host of the “Foresight Quick Review”, a current affairs commentator, at the meeting, Li Qiaoming appeared wearing an army chest badge and sat next to Liu Zhenli. It can be seen that Liu is wearing the chest badge of the Central Military Commission, so this arrangement shows that Liu Zhenli is likely to be promoted to the next Military Commission, and Li Qiaoming will replace Liu Zhenli as the army commander. Earlier rumors such as Li Qiaoming’s mutiny were not accurate.

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Hong Kong media predicts members of the new military committee

According to public information, Xu Qiliang and Zhang Youxia, two vice-chairmen of the CCP’s Military Commission, are both 72 years old, Li Zuocheng is 69 years old, and Defense Minister Wei Fenghe is 68 years old. It is expected that the four military leaders will face retirement, and only Miao Hua and Zhang Shengmin among the members of the Military Commission may remain in office.

On September 23, the Hong Kong media “Sing Tao Daily” published an analysis article stating that the 58-year-old army commander Liu Zhenli was rumored to succeed Li Zuocheng as the chief of staff of the Joint Staff Department of the Military Commission.

In addition, He Weidong, who stepped down as the commander of the Eastern Theater Command in January this year, has an armband of “four and eight”, with the “Central Military Commission” on the top and the “Joint Operations Command Center” on the bottom. The Joint Reference Center of the Central Military Commission is the highest operational command organization of the Communist Army, with Xi Jinping personally serving as the commander-in-chief. The 65-year-old He Weidong is still serving overage years and cannot be ruled out as a candidate for the vice chairman of the Military Commission.

According to reports, He Weidong was promoted to general by Xi Jinping in 2019. Among the 7 people who were promoted at the same time, He Weidong was the only general who was not even an alternate member of the Central Committee. The other 6 were members of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. , this kind of over-spec promotion is quite rare.

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Hong Kong media speculated that after the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the new vice-chairmen of the Military Commission should be: Miao Hua and He Weidong. Miao Hua can be regarded as a close associate of Xi Jinping. He served in the 31st Army in Fujian for a long time in his early years and has a deep relationship with Xi Jinping, who has worked in Fujian for 17 years.

“Sing Tao Daily” predicts that the next members of the Military Commission are: Li Shangfu (Minister of Defense), Liu Zhenli (Chief of Staff of the Joint Staff Department), Zhang Shengmin (Director of the Political Work Department) and so on. According to the analysis, the above predictions may be different, but they should be the core members of the New Military Commission.

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