Home News Runs the flu: +36% in one week. The surge after 2 years of (almost) absence

Runs the flu: +36% in one week. The surge after 2 years of (almost) absence

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Runs the flu: +36% in one week.  The surge after 2 years of (almost) absence

It’s early December with tens of thousands of Italians in bed, but, unlike the last two years of covid, it’s mostly flu syndromes. The cases estimated in the last week are 762 thousand, an increase compared to the 560 thousand estimated in the previous one: +36%.

The last week

Influenza monitoring in Italy is carried out by the Higher Institute of Health, which publishes the Influnet report every Friday. The last one examines the week of November 21-27, when the incidence was equal to 12.9 cases per thousand assisted. A marked increase compared to the previous one, when they had been 9.5.

Children are driving the infections: «The pediatric age groups are most affected, in particular children under the age of five, in which the incidence is equal to 40.8 cases per thousand assisted. It was 29.6 in the previous week », specifies the ISS.

The incidence “in the 5-14 age group is 25.02 per thousand assisted, in the 15-64 age group it is 10.10 and among individuals aged 65 or over 5.04 cases per thousand assisted”.

In three regions (Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Umbria) the incidence exceeded the threshold of the level of very high entity. It must be said that three regions (Campania, Calabria, Sardinia) have not activated InfluNet surveillance.

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