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Russian whistleblower: “Navalny was taken out with old KGB technique”

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The bruises on the chest of Alexei Navalny, 47, were not the result of resuscitation attempts, they just caused his death. This is what a whistleblower says on the website ‘Gulagu.net’.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024 at 11:37 PM

According to Ozechkin, Navalny (47) was killed with a known KGB technique. He bases his claims on a source within the penal colony where the Putin critic died on Friday. After he became unwell after a walk, that is still the official version.

Attempts were made to resuscitate him, but without success. Evidence of these attempts to apply chest compressions would be bruises on his chest.

But Vladimir Ozechkin now comes up with a different story. To begin with, the opposition leader is said to have been locked up in an open cell for a few hours on Thursday night in freezing temperatures of minus 20 degrees or even less. Normally, detainees are never locked in there for more than an hour. As a disciplinary punishment, for example.

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Leaving him in that extreme cold for so long caused his body temperature to drop to a critical point and he was completely weakened.

Knock on the heart

“He then received one or more sharp blows to the heart area. That ultimately proved fatal. It is a known technique that KGB agents are taught to kill someone with their bare fist,” says Ozechkin.

Last week, whistleblower website ‘Gulagu.net’ also reported that agents of the Russian Security Service (FSB) visited Navalny’s penal colony before his death and, among other things, disabled the security cameras.

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The Kremlin has yet to give an official cause of death and has not yet responded to claims that Navalny was killed on Putin’s orders.

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