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Saeed Al-Nasiri’s lawyer threatens to withdraw

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Saeed Al-Nasiri’s lawyer threatens to withdraw

Hespress electronic newspaper learned that lawyer Tayeb Mohamed Omar, the defense attorney for Saeed Nassiri, president of Wydad Casablanca club, who is following up on the “Escobar of the Desert” file, is moving to withdraw his prosecution from the case.

The aforementioned lawyer is likely to withdraw his representation from the file today, Thursday. This was in protest against what was stated in a report from the General Delegation of Prisons regarding his client’s health condition.

Lawyer Tayeb Muhammad Omar did not like being accused by the General Delegation of Prisons of carrying out “manoeuvres,” through Al-Nasseri’s claim of his inability to attend the investigation due to his health condition.

The lawyer from the Casablanca Commission issued an explanatory statement, which Hespress obtained, in which he responded to the delegation’s statement, in which he confirmed that he was not responsible for publishing a group of articles simultaneously on a number of websites regarding his client’s health condition.

The same statement explained that what the Ain Sebaa prison administration reported “attributes to the defense two incidents, revolving around what was called the ‘prosecution’; The first is the allegation that the book directed by the concerned lawyer follows the same content as a group of articles that were published simultaneously on a number of websites, and the second is that his health condition makes him unable to attend investigation sessions and answer the questions put to him, and the reference is at the end of the statement. The defense has linked this to the course of the judicial file during the investigation stage, and that this will be of no use, and that what the defense has done is described as “manoeuvres.”

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The lawyer refused to confuse defending the prisoner’s rights, which are guaranteed to him by law, with defending the defense itself, saying: “The lawyer, who corresponded with the institution within the framework of the law and was personally confronted with incorrect allegations and accusations that are certain to be cheap, does not accept at all this embarrassment that it has placed.” He has the institution, and he does not find himself comfortable in dealing with his heavy professional obligations, and in his dealings with the judicial authority, in the person of Mr. Public Prosecutor, and Mr. Investigating Judge, who dealt with him professionally and with high morals, and in the person of the court later… and all of these institutions committed to the defense. For more than half a century, with respect to it, in fulfillment of the professional oath, and in compliance with the lofty principles of the legal profession, his position will therefore be invalid, as he is accused of “prosecution,” “publishing incorrect facts,” and “maneuvers.”

Al-Nasiri’s lawyer demanded that the prison institution “provide a second, clearer explanatory statement, in which it precisely states the positions that prove what were called the ‘allegations’ and also precisely explains where the incorrect facts and maneuvers became apparent.”

He indicated that, on the eighth of this month, he sent a letter to the prison administration in order to assign the institution’s doctor to study the medical documents available to his client, Al-Nasseri. This is to confirm that it is not possible to give him the treatment protocol that he has been following for a long time in prison, and to decide that he should be placed in Ibn Rushd Hospital, where there are all the necessary medical capabilities and means to provide him with the necessary treatments, and to return him to the prison institution after the completion of receiving these treatments.

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