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Saint Lucia, Szumski’s slate submits the appeal late

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Saint Lucia, Szumski’s slate submits the appeal late

Riccardo Szumski

The Tar judges had to declare the appeal “inadmissible” after the discovery of formal errors. Now the appeal to the Council of State remains, otherwise the list is out

SAINT LUCIA. Another mistake for the Together for Saint Lucia list, the appeal was not filed within the 3-day deadline. The judges ruled that it is “Inadmissible”.

Another rejection has arrived for the group that nominates Luca Bellotto, “dolphin” of the mayor Riccardo Szumski. “The appeal appears to have been filed late – establishes the Administrative Court of Veneto – Given the communication, on May 16, 2022, of the contested objection, the appeal was notified on May 18-19, but filed only on 20 May, and, therefore, beyond the 3-day deadline set by the law. In any case it is completely unfounded on the merits ».

None of the four reasons presented were accepted, including the alleged irregularity in the composition of the electoral commission of the Conegliano district.

Now the list can appeal to the Council of State. Otherwise there will be a single group for the municipal councils in Santa Lucia, “Patto per Santa Lucia” with candidate for mayor Fiorenzo Fantinel.

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