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Sala, threats to the mayor of Milan on Telegram from the No Green Pass

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For hours, the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala has been the target of the aggression of the No Green Passes that in the Telegram channels used to convene the demonstrations – unauthorized – in the various Italian cities have circulated his telephone number and his e-mail address. Along with threats of “beheading”.

Sala himself publicly denounced him through a video posted on his Instagram profile: “For a few hours on Telegram the world of no Green passes has been unleashed, there are my phone numbers, my email, there is talk of beheading” . The Police confirms the attention that the No Green Pass, on the messaging social network, reserved the Milanese mayor after his participation in the broadcast “L’Aria Che Tira” on La7, during which Sala explained that “these people (who demonstrate on Saturday, ed) are against the Green Pass in particular but the point is that they do not respect the basic rule of engagement of the demonstrations, that is to agree on the path. At this point they become uncontrollable, the police can only do one thing, charge them, something that I understand that the prefect does not intend to do ».

And he adds: “It would take more police men and women on the ground to contain them since the loaded option does not exist.” Words that, the mayor pointed out, some newspapers, such as “Il Giornale” and “La Verità” have translated into titles that, for the same Sala, are wrong: while the first titled “Sala: Right to load the processions No Green Pass », the second chose« Sala: the Police loads the No Green Pass ». And for this the mayor has announced that he will sue both newspapers: «First of all I will sue the two newspapers, then I will try to stay calm. But – he concluded – I want to tell everyone that at this moment we are not messing with fire ».

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Meanwhile, investigators from Digos and the Postal Police coordinated by prosecutor Alberto Nobili, head of the anti-terrorism pool in the Milan prosecutor’s office, are also investigating the threats to the mayor. In particular, in view of an information that will lead to the opening of a file in the prosecutor’s office, the investigators are currently analyzing the most “violent” posts of about forty people. Among other things, in the chat “Enough dictatorship! -Protests” also appear several messages against the Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza.

On Facebook, meanwhile, the metropolitan secretary of the Democratic Party, Silvia Roggiani, expressed «solidarity with Beppe Sala targeted in the #Telegram chats by the no green pass. Episodes like these also tell us how dangerous disinformation by any press is. We express full closeness to the mayor for what happened and a firm condemnation of these methods. No space for those who use and spread violence. We continue to defend green passes and vaccinations and we are sure that Sala will not be intimidated ».

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