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Sales, off to summer discounts The crisis is holding back shopping – breaking latest news

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Ready, set, go: tomorrow the sales in Campania start. Which, in the end, has aligned itself with the vast majority of Italian regions for the season of sales at discounted prices. A much awaited appointment by traders to revive a gloomy season, due to the health emergency and the consequent economic crisis; an opportunity for consumers to buy products at lower prices. In short, the sales are expected by everyone even if the forecasts, especially in Salerno, are not optimistic. Because in particular local traders do not have high hopes. The fault of the pandemic but also of the rules, not clear, which mean that the smartest are on sale almost all year round, damaging those who, on the contrary, follow the rules.
Federmoda’s skepticism. So even in Salerno and its province there are not many expectations. To confirm it is Marco Salvatore, regional vice president of Fermoda. «It is difficult to say – he highlights – how it will go. This season was also very difficult. And the sales, alone, certainly cannot solve all the problems. We are still in full pandemic and we have lost almost all of spring, which in terms of sales is one of the most important periods ». For Salvatore, moreover, the current legislation must be revised: «Thus the balances no longer work – he remarks – and they no longer have a reason to exist. In fact, they should be disciplined in a different way. And checks should be made to the shops, not allowing there to be promotions and extraordinary sales at any time of the year ».
The estimate on the summer sales. Beyond the objective difficulties, according to the Confcommercio research office, the value of the summer sales amounts to 2.6 billion euros. And 15.5 million families will take advantage to make a purchase at a reduced price. Which, on average, will have a budget of 171 euros. While a single person will spend an average of 74 euros. «After the annus horribilis – he points out Renato Borghi, president of the Italy-Confcommercio Fashion Federation – the hope is that the shopping race will restart. There is a great desire for freedom and a return to a new normal. And, after a long period of restrictions, the summer sales represent an important opportunity to make up for lost time and renew the wardrobe for the holidays, also buying at affordable prices ».
The problem of online sales. At the national level, the expectation is for consumption on the rise compared to last year and also for “a confirmation of the trend of purchases – explains Borghi – in local shops, after the forced use of the web”. “In this sense – he adds – we await a strong stance from the government, already in the next meeting of the finance ministers and central bank governors of the G20 in Venice, for the introduction of a minimum global tax on the revenues of the giants of the web in the countries where they operate “. «It is a fundamental solution – concludes Borghi – to rebalance the balance of power in a market that cannot remain without rules. It is necessary to give certainty to companies to guarantee the values ​​of our society, our tradition, our economy and our territories, but above all to make the social relationship between people more stimulating, sustainable and real ».
Clear and safe sales. As for last year, in compliance with the guidelines for economic and production activities, the procedures for carrying out end-of-season sales are confirmed, which must take place according to a series of rules summarized in the decalogue of “clear and safe balances”. Therefore Federmoda Italia and Confcommercio provide, in an updated vademecum, a series of fundamental indications, both for merchants and customers, to make purchases on sale following safety and transparency rules. First of all, respect for social distancing, which must be at least one meter; the obligation to keep the mask in the shop; disinfection of hands before touching the products; the items offered on sale must have a seasonal or fashionable character and be susceptible to significant depreciation if not sold within a certain period of time; the possibility of changing the garment after it has been purchased, which is generally left to the discretion of the shopkeeper, unless the product is damaged or non-compliant; favor electronic payment methods.(g.d.s.)
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