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Salvatore Mancuso was returned to the country after serving a sentence in the US

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Salvatore Mancuso was returned to the country after serving a sentence in the US

Coming from Georgia (United States), former paramilitary chief Salvatore Mancuso landed in Bogotá on Tuesday, February 27, 2024, who after 16 years is back in Colombia, after having been extradited to the United States in 2008 by the then government of the former president. Álvaro Uribe Vélez for crimes related to drug trafficking. The device was carried out under strong security measures, due to threats against his life. The arrival was on the runway of the Military Transport Air Command (Catam), along with more than 100 Colombians who were deported from the North American country.

Mancuso, 59 years old, will appear before the Special Jurisdiction of Peace (JEP) as part of his submission process to this transitional court, after having been part of Justice and Peace.

“I come to continue with my commitments to the victims, but at the same time, I come to put myself at the service of a peace agenda that prevents Colombia from being an eternal factory of victims and collective pain,” Mancuso said in a statement issued to the moment of his arrival to the national territory, in relation to the objectives of his return, in the midst of an atmosphere of expectation for his case.

From there he will be transferred, according to official sources, to La Picota prison, despite the fact that his lawyers initially indicated that he would be taken to the Dijín headquarters. Upon his arrival, the man was received by agents from Colombian Immigration and Interpol, whose purpose was to enforce the arrest warrant against him; just as it was stipulated; in addition to verifying the identity of the other deported citizens.

After all the procedures have been completed, including verification of your health status, you will be notified of the pending processes against you. Meanwhile, security tests began to be carried out at his new detention site, with the overflight of Police helicopters, in a process that could culminate at night, according to what those in charge of his transfer have indicated. .

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During this process, Mancuso will have the possibility of meeting with his lawyers, as part of the right to defense, which could even occur in the prison. Especially, in the extraditable pavilion, where he will be held. The above, while the Superior Court of Bogotá defines whether he will be able to face his new condition in freedom, after the former chief “para” filed a protection action before the Constitutional Court.

After serving a sentence in the United States, Mancuso — who has open cases for more than 60,000 crimes in the Attorney General’s Office — wants an interjurisdictional coordination mechanism to be put in place to facilitate his return to Colombia and ensure his participation in the processes of this court. It is for this reason that he asked for guarantees, due to the high risk that, according to him, his integrity runs.

It should be noted that due to his demobilization during the process carried out with the State, the person born in Montería, who is also known by the aliases Santander Lozada or Mono Mancuso, was sentenced in 2014 in absentia to 40 years in prison, which was readjusted to the maximum penalty that was contemplated in the Justice and Peace system, which is eight years. Although there is a pending process to be resolved against him.

He is related to the crimes of money laundering and conspiracy to commit a crime, of which he would have been the protagonist after his demobilization. If found guilty, the former paramilitary could lose the benefit of the minimum sentence and would be expelled from Justice and Peace.

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