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Salvini “My indictment of a political decision rather than a judicial decision”

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PALERMO (ITALPRESS) – “What was decided in this room has a political rather than a judicial flavor”. Lega leader Matteo Salvini said this, speaking with journalists in Palermo after the indictment for the Open Arms case. “Yesterday I helped to release the Italians, who next week will be able to go to restaurants after a long time and will be able to play sports. Not going to be a kidnapper, just the idea is ridiculous”, added the former interior minister. “On the dock there should be someone who plays with the skin of human beings, really putting their lives at risk – said Salvini -. If someone runs for thirteen days in the Mediterranean waiting to collect other immigrants, who is the kidnapper? Who is it that plays with the skin of these poor children? I am convinced that new truths will emerge at the trial “. “A week later, two prosecutors from the same region on two identical episodes say two different things. We need a reform of justice: in one city it is said that I did well, in another that I did wrong”, he then continued. referring to the Gregoretti case and to the Public Prosecutor of Catania. (ITALPRESS). sat / red 17-Apr-21 17:12

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