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Salvini on Calenda – Meloni: “He’s an ally? We’ll get him to open a construction site”

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Salvini on Calenda – Meloni: “He’s an ally? We’ll get him to open a construction site”

Calendar? «We’ll have him open a construction site too. I haven’t followed the story, I’m not passionate about it, I don’t spend my days thinking about Renzi, Calenda and Letta. I have a pretty full schedule.’ This was stated by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport and Deputy Prime Minister, Matteo Salvini, at the 9th Edition of the Conference “How can we governe Europe?”, answering those who asked him if Carlo Calenda was an ally of the government, given the meeting with the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. «Calenda was voted to oppose. I hope he does it constructively.”

The comment came after the interview given by the leader of Action a The print: «I feel the charm of Giorgia Meloni’s story – he told the Turin newspaper – It is the one she has told several times: a woman who was born into an underprivileged family, with a difficult life and who manages it alone. This predisposes me positively from a chemistry point of view. After that, we have diametrically opposite thoughts, but I am able to make this assessment while remaining rooted in my convictions”, while adding that the Third Pole will not enter the government: “Trust, external support, crutches: they are all nonsense”.

Calenda also replied harshly to the irritation of Forza Italia: «He wants to sabotage the government to which he belongs. I don’t find it laudable as an intent.” He then explained that during the meeting “we went into the merits” of the proposals, “talking for more than an hour and a half, also together with ministers Giorgetti and Urso: a serious discussion for which I thank the government”. And in his opinion there are openings “on many proposals”. However, he denies that he likes the maneuver, «it is still Salvini’s maneuver. From the post onwards, they are all electoral flags of the League”, “it does not attack the poor, but I agree on the fact that it favors tax evaders”.

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Calenda added that he had proposed to the Democratic Party to work together on the maneuver, but “they prefer to compete with the Five Stars over who goes to the square first. Eventually they’ll just produce a bunch of traffic jams to say the same thing, i.e. nothing, except they don’t like the maneuver, and they’ll do it on three different days: only on Mars.”

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